Lots Of Presents

Christmas came early today… twice, in fact.

Kim’s dad came to visit with presents for us, including a couple of games we’ve been lusting after – Brutal Legend (which I raved about here) and Batman: Arkham Asylum. The first game is a metal extravaganza that’ll keep us rocking for a while, and the second is the first game that has ever got Batman right. Seriously, the first ever Batman game I played had him up against triangles that move in a pattern and everything since then has been just as bad. This game has read the comics, watched the movies and cartoons and actually understands why the character is so popular. Awesome presents for both of us. I never really like opening presents (I always feel like I look unimpressed and hate to give that impression to someone who’s worked hard to get something I’ll like) and tried to pass them off to Kim to open, but she dodged me. Women…

Kim’s dad text us before he arrived, saying he’d be here in fifteen minutes. Sure enough there was a knock on the door a quarter hour later but when we answered it there was a guy with a package addressed to me. Wondering if her dad had gotten so lazy at some point that he’d mailed himself to us I opened the package and found some Christmas presents from Opera. Yay, my prizes for winning one of the advent competitions have arrived!

First there was the obligatory Opera t-shirt. This one is in a very bright green that you can’t really tell from the photo. It’s a bit too bright for me to comfortably wear outside, but it’ll do for around the house.

There were also a couple of badges, a pen, some stickers and then a lovely surprise – a load of Norwegian chocolates with a marzipan pig.

So yeah, two early visits from Santa today.


20 thoughts on “Lots Of Presents

  1. Seriously cool presents! I understand what you mean about the colour of the shirt, but the motive itself is pretty neat. :yes:

  2. There are many Santas. We each take presents to those of you that we know, meaning I get you lot. :devil:.Motif is pretty awesome. It'd look great on a black or gray shirt, I reckon. :up: It's the chocolate that really made it cool though.

  3. Chocolate is always cool. We've been wrapping Christmas presents yesterday and this morning. My in-laws are coming tomorrow to pick up their share and have a bite to eat as well. That is, if it doesn't start snowing. The guys on the radio say, that there's a chance the country roads will be closed on our island tomorrow. We have good odds for an oldfashioned white Christmas with closed roads and everything.

  4. "Dear Santa,""This Christmas I want a blog design like Nerak's. Only, instead of having the Mario Bros as a theme, I want a Super Tux theme,Thanks, I know you'll understand. :p" :pingu:.

  5. Everybody's after my chocolate. Get your own Japp bars. 😑 It's Mars over here. :D.Aadil, see me in the new year. Santa wont be quite as busy then and will have perfected what his status is about.The t-shirt is sooooo green though. I'd look like a shampoo bottle. :insane:

  6. Oooh, how cool is that! You do know that Moods of Norway is pretty hip in its home country, yes? That shirt would be a hit here! :DInfo of the day: the man on the tee is Henrik Ibsen sporting the most wicked sideburns ever!

  7. Yep and, like any rockstar, I can't die. I just fade to black after three and a half minutes. :headbang:.Clint, Kim got me a present on mail-order. Does that count? It's awesome. :happy:.Rose, that's good advice wherever you are. :up:

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