The Increasingly Insane Tale Of Mr Christmas

For most of us, Christmas Day is a great day. We get up early, open presents, eat way too much food, and have too much to drink. For Andy Park, a 44 year old man from Britain, this is what he experiences every single day because, since 1994 Andy has celebrated Christmas every day of the year, earning himself the nickname Mr Christmas.

It all began in that summer fifteen years ago when Andy was feeling down. He went home, put up decorations and pretended it was Christmas to cheer himself up. He continued doing this until he was hooked on Christmas and has done it every day since then. Every day Andy has mince pies and sherry for breakfast (I really hope this guy doesn’t have a job), opens his presents, eats an entire roast turkey dinner for lunch and then goes out to buy himself some Christmas gifts which he’ll open after breakfast the next day.

Some people celebrate this man, saying he’s a credit to humanity, someone who has found a great way to enjoy himself every day of the year, and this has gained him quite a following as well as a few imitators. Me? I think he needs psychological help. For someone to create a persistant fantasy that they’re unable to be happy without is a dangerous situation indeed. Considering the health service in this country locked a young guy away in an asylum for a month simply for overeating (Chris Leppard had a physical condition that meant he never felt full so they locked him away using rules usually reserved for sectioning a mentally ill patient who is a danger to themselves or others. It was a real jackass move by the government although, to be completely fair, he did die two years later.) four years ago, it amazes me that this man has slipped through the crack(er)s.


62 thoughts on “The Increasingly Insane Tale Of Mr Christmas

  1. This man is not alone by himself, that is for sure. But then again, if he is harmless, well, let him have his Christmas. We all want to be happy, right? :left:

  2. Who can honestly say, they don't create and live in a persistant fantasy? I mean, what is modern life if not a persistant fantasy?

  3. What gets me is that this is blatantly OCD. When someone locks and unlocks the door a set amount of times before they can leave the house they're encouraged to seek help. Yet when someone's happiness and self-esteem depend on living out an annual holiday every single day of the year it's a good thing, just because it's Christmas? It's very severe OCD and incredibly dangerous for him to continue along those lines.What if he keeps finding he needs more and starts bringing old traditions back until he's no longer happy until he's stripping a jew, chasing him down the street and stoning him to death? :insane:

  4. Originally posted by rose-marie:

    Jesus! I'm not sure that's happiness glowing in his eyes…!

    Jesus was a very appropriate comment! :lol:He'd make a very strange date. :eyes:

  5. Originally posted by rose-marie:

    Jesus! I'm not sure that's happiness glowing in his eyes…!

    That's just his daily breakfast sherry … How does he pay for it all, I wonder?

  6. Mental health issues aside, someone is paying for all this. :left:.And considering his lifestyle, I doubt it's him. :rolleyes:.Actually, I blame the broadcast company's incessant need to screen Charles Dickens', "A Christmas Carrol" every year! :insane:.Most people missunderstand that story. The emphasis is not on Christmas, but rather, it's about the dangers of being miserly and cruel. :irked:.

  7. Screw that. It's propaganda telling people to give in to terror tactics. 😑 We do not negotiate with Ghosts of Christmas. :knight:

  8. Seems senseless to even consider negotiating with enteties who knows every little thing you have done in your life, can travel back and forth in time, shift shapes and take on invisible form.

  9. Perhaps, if you made the snow stop, the penguins would choose another place for their 'meetings'. It is suspicious, I fully agree. You never know what they are up to. Got to stop it before it get's messy…

  10. Damn, my security must've found the bomb and disarmed it before I could show you guys. Oh well, at least I know they're worth keeping alive.

  11. Sherry on an empty stomach at 0900 in the morning also can result in a messy situation somewhat similar to the whale scenario.

  12. Tils, it may as well. I still remember getting a sandwich ready and the first bite depositing everything on the floor. :awww:

  13. What, it's not like I can spill something down myself every single time I have a gravy meal, even managing to clean the plate without spilling anything on me, somehow transfer a spot of gravy to my bare forearm without feeling it then smearing it all over my clean white t-shirt as I put my clean plate down. :left:

  14. Whale blubber makes good lamp oil. :hat:.It was also the primary source for engine oil and grease before someone realised that the by-products of petrol production could also be used that way. :p.

  15. πŸ˜† I wondered why only half of the comments had photos.When I open your comments, it always opens below the comments, and I have to scroll up to see them. Plus, your page has dandruff and it's clogging up my keyboard.

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