Resolving To Be A Hero


62 thoughts on “Resolving To Be A Hero

  1. Jason Todd's Real Last Words"Holy anal investigation Batman, why are you ripping my tights off and muttering about cuddles?"

  2. I don't get the concept of New Year's resolutions. Never did. People have tried to explain it to me many times over the years, but I just don't get it.

  3. Basically, people decide that the start of the new year is a perfect time for them to attempt to do something differently. The new year is symbolic of the blank slate they plan to start with, but also symbolic of the fact that the vast majority of new year's resolutions will fail, because if they had to wait for a certain date to start doing these things then they really didn't want to do them in the first place.

  4. Making plans is something you should be very carefull about. My advice would be to make as little plans as possible, and if you think you have to make plans, don't write them down. Somebody might find the paper and hold you responsible when the plans fail. In fact it's best to just keep whatever resolutions you have to yourself.

  5. For some reason – and please don't ask me why – I would find a black cat-suit, thigh high boots and a bull whip more suitable for this particular lady.

  6. Just yesterday, I read a piece in the paper about real-life superheroes. People who actually dress up in spandex suits and go out trying to make the world a better place.So, together with the article were some facts about comic book superheroes and for Batman it said "Super powers: none"! 😆

  7. Martin, but then she wouldn't be Robin and would never get to sleep with Brucie. :awww:.Rose, was Captain Australia in the article? I'm researching a post on him right now. 😀

  8. No, there wasn't, presuming you mean one of the real-life ones.Come to think of it, not among the comic book ones either.

  9. As long as 'Captain Australia' doesn't decide to start dressing as Donald Duck He should be ok. :left:Oh, and I recommend he come so South Africa! He may not survive the experience, but it'll sure be entertaining! :lol:.

  10. Originally posted by Lion:

    I would find a black cat-suit, thigh high boots and a bull whip more suitable

    I like that! I'm sure Batman does too! :flirt:

  11. Note that Captain Australia's gadgets include an iPhone, so he's obviously not serious about helping people.No, there's only one Catwoman and you wont defile my memory! :mad:.

  12. 😆 @ Captain Australia.I hope he does get his boots and gloves sorted out really soon so he can start specifically targeting evil!

  13. I have gathered that you don't like the iPhone, and there were some good reasons there. 🙂 That said, every-one around me is getting them, and they're all very happy (and won't stop bugging me). This is after years of being slagged for owning a Mac by these same people. *sigh*The mobiles that have given me the most trouble over the years, after they're excellent early bricks, are Ericssons. And the early Sony Ericsssons were desparately slow. Hopefully they've improved.I'm happy with my Nokia 6630 for the nonce. I enjoy solvency.

  14. Bear in mind I've been browsing the web on a phone for over a decade and using social sites while watching TV for the majority of that. The phone in question lagged three lines (each as long as my last sentence) behind and would only send through what had made it into the text field. :irked:

  15. Sony Ericsson phones used to be so slow and I typed so fast that I smashed a £400 phone in a tequila fuelled rage due to the incompatibility.

  16. It learnt the hard way what an enraged Furie was capable of! :p.My netbook has that slowness problem. It's actually slower than my phone. :lol:.

  17. Kim was looking into netbooks recently and taught me something that surprised me. Most netbooks have less processor speed than smartphones from three years ago.

  18. Wow. Probably, as you alluded to in another comment stream, to do with battery power. Plus they're so damned cheap!

  19. That'll be the dual connection to the voice and data networks. The introduction of LTE should make that a little easier on the battery.

  20. You'd think. It's probably the same problem, too many function, colour monitor, mobile broadband, blah blah blah. Opera mini kills the battery on my mobile in a third of the time that it lasts if I don't surf.

  21. Cool. I got me a Nokia 5200, which I'm going to use for voice, and dedicate the 6630 just to 3G internet using my mobile internet card that isn't supported for Snow Leopard and I can't cancel 'till the end of march. :bomb: Bloody Qualcomm.

  22. I see nobody mentioned Captain Australia's sidekick, the Boy Down Under.Also answers to names of Clean or David :left:

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