Spare Rib Soup

Warning – This post contains images that may shock and disturb you. Reader discretion is advised.

The restaurant is an unassuming little place in Canton, China. The special order isn’t on the menu, nor will you find it advertised anywhere in the place. Placing the order with the manager you’ll have a contact number taken and be added to the list. When the special ingredient is available and your turn comes around you’ll be contacted by the restaurant to come eat a meal unlike any other – a bowl of Spare Rib Soup that costs 4,000 yuan (£300, $600, 337 euros, ZAR3602). I suppose the advisory notice at the top of this post combined with the price of the dish is enough to let you know that there’s more than pork in this dish. There’s no way to sugar coat it, so here are the ingredients to Spare Rib Soup: chicken, some rare and expensive herbs and one baby, all boiled together and served as a delicacy.

That’s right folks, there are people out there in the world who can walk into a restaurant and eat babies. Well, aborted foetuses to be exact. People who believe that a bowl of boiled baby soup is exactly what you need to pep you up, and increase your sexual potency. One couple, speaking to a reporter, told how the forty-three year age gap between them made it difficult for them to consumate their marriage, yet since they’ve discovered the soup the husband has been able to make love with his nineteen year old bride every single day. Let’s hope he doesn’t get her pregnant during a shortage of his own personal viagra eh?

Getting the babies is pretty easy for the restaurant (you know, calling it a restaurant is actually the hardest part of making this post so far), although sometimes the wait for their not so secret ingredient can be quite long. They explain how a family with two girls tried again for a son but she fell pregnant with another girl. They decided to terminate the pregnancy and the restaurant offered them a way to make some extra money from it. The restaurant has a scale that they price babies on, with those closer to term bringing the most money. A baby taken all the way up to the last day it can be aborted can fetch the parents 2,000 yuan, half the price that a single bowl of the soup will bring the restaurant, while earlier foetuses can be bought for only a couple of hundred yuan.

I’ve kept this post free of images so far, so that everyone can read it. What follows are images of the preparation of the soup. You’ve been warned.


63 thoughts on “Spare Rib Soup

  1. Grrr, just noticed I posted this with some of the prices missing as I hadn't calculated them yet. Went to edit and the parser is broken again cementing this post in this form. :bomb:.The missing prices are ZAR3602 and €337.

  2. Yeah it's real as far as my research shows. Rumours have been going round China for years about this (presumably they inspired that film) and a reporter went undercover to get the story.

  3. This is how an unscientific viewpoint plays havoc in people's lives. Can't people take viagra? Create dowry system,kill girls and consequently end human race. What an irony! An oldy gets nineteen yo wife. And some people spend their entire youth waiting for their society to approve of dating.

  4. I don't know enough English words to express how this post makes me feel. Yuck, eew, disgusting and gross are the only words I can come up with right now, but that's not at all how bad it makes me feel.Shame on people who order this!

  5. If this is true, someone should be shoot by a death squad – they do it that way in China – both cook and the one who ordered it. And not forget the owner of the restaurant :mad:One mistake: 4000 yen are 30.0712 eur so it can`t be €337 as you put in a comment :left:

  6. That's my fault. It should be Chinese Yuan, not Japanese Yen. Again, can't edit it now so can't put that right. Also the current currency exchange rates makes it €406 I think, rather than the €337 it was when I first wrote this post. Oh, and ZAR4337.

  7. Okay, I've seen some atrocious stuff on the internet (can anyone say, but this is up there with the worst. Anyone involved in this process are just barbaric piles of shit. But here's a specific message for the bags of evil that actually order this and eat it:If you can't get it up without eating a nearly full-term human fetus, there's more wrong with you than fucking impotence. And if you don't think so, tell your children someday of what you did in an effort to conceive them, or your parents of what you did in an effort to conceive grandchildren for them … then keep the looks on their face in your memory as you go throw yourself off a tall building. Despicable maggots.

  8. Err.. i'll open images much later than after I had chow a bit ago.Big bad wolf never thought to call these guys right.. :insane:

  9. See? This is why Catholics abolish watchamacalits.. :left:.I think I've had enough of this post as I already get too much vile things in my e-mails..

  10. My dad watched a movie which sounded a lot like this. Yuck.Just a note: I'm finding this blog hard to read: the black/white makes everything look blurry. Perhaps it's just my eyes 😦

  11. Oh that is strange. That's actually meant to be better for your eyesight than black on white, at least on a screen anyway. It also takes slightly less power than black on white so it's better for the environment (although the white around the phone breaks that).

  12. The only positive (that's such a relative term) thing here is that it's not fast food. Still, :yuck: *shudder* 😥 and :knight: don't quite cover it.

  13. That's not a fetus it's a human baby and they are just cannibals. No ifs ands or buts. I can't even begin to tell how sick this made me.

  14. Which, people being inquisitive as they are, the warning must be investigated. 😀 I think I am going to copy and paste this post, with your permission, into an email to a friend of mine. Or, I can link to it, but she isn't a member of Opera or FaceBook. Let me know.

  15. This is absolutely horrid. That anyone would feel the need to go to this sickening extreme makes me know they are not sane!!! Every last one who was involved in this should be drug out in the middle of the street and horsewhipped before being executed!!! Just my opinion!!!:furious: :yuck:

  16. *timidly raises hand* It was an offshoot of a discussion on Linda's (L2D2's) blog. I… I… didn't think you'd mind, Your Majesty.

  17. Because this post generates a lot of heat in a lot of people, Furie. And I DO visit your blog periodically. You leave Dennis alone. We like his beard where it is. 😀

  18. Originally posted by Cois:

    [Enter image that shows a beard where it shouldn't be]

    Francois, did you use the image off Angeliki's post? Hahah. Yep, that's a beard where it shouldn't be!

  19. There's no god in this world. Even if he is there he has created us for his entertainment, just like a child takes his dolls through all types of situations and gets entertained by it, we are dolls in a sadistic gods hands. he created people different lookwise so there arise more conflicts. Who had told him to create us and teach us all that religions tell us that he wants to teach us. What those girls had done to get treated like that?Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,That struts and frets his hour upon thestage,And then is heard no more. It is a taleTold by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.Macbeth Act 5, scene 5, 19–28

  20. Kiran, there is an amazing amount of evil in this world. There's also a phenomonal amount of good. Please don't get disheartened by the bad. 😦

  21. God can be only where He is invited. Evil never invites Him as they want to continue perpetuating evil.The difference between God and Evil is Evil forces itself and all evilness upon you, God allows you the choice of Him or evil. YOU choose!!!

  22. 😆 Spoken by someone who has never seen true evil. Evil doesn't force itself on anyone. It's a choice made by people, including those who embrace religion. God and evil have never been mutually exclusive. Just look at the atrocities committed in God's name and you'll see that.

  23. Kiran, I'm working on a story that I think you'll find interesting. It may help you find a view that's able to accept these things.

  24. So you're telling me I chose to be raped , beaten and damned near killed because i chose evil. That makes no sense as that certainly was not my choice nor did I have one. To me that is pure evil forcing itself on me. You judge.

  25. BTW I agree with you on the religion part. I am not into organized religion for many reasons, and one is the very reason you stated. I am spiritual, not into religion. Yes there is a difference!

  26. No, because someone else did. No-one just does these things, they don't just happen. At some point someone makes a choice about their priorities and puts what they want above everyone else's safety, wellbeing and happiness. When they do that they view others as objects and tools to use for the pursuit of their wants. That's evil on a human scale.I'm very aware of the difference between spirituality and religion. You'll probably find the story I mentioned to Kiran interesting yourself as it explores that point from a personal perspective. I can link you to it when it's up if you wish?

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