Well that’s annoying. I’ve just finished a writing a rather large post with barely any formatting involved only to find out that the post is too large for me to publish. It’s well known that Opera Mini has an artificial text limit of 5,500 odd characters per text box (meaning that I make all of my posts 11,000 characters or less) and this has held me back more than once from really attacking a subject in the amount of detail I’d like to. It doesn’t happen often as I’m way too lazy to write posts that large every single day, but when I do feel inspired then have to cut my posts down so that they fit in the limited space it really gets to me.

It’s not just through Opera Mini that I’m having problems either. All the other mobile browsers I’ve tried, including the mighty Opera Mobile, just can’t handle a post of this magnitude, meaning I’ll have to wait until my PC is online later this month before I post it. As it happens we have a game due out around then too so it’ll be good to have something meaty to post before I cut down to take part in my other large hobby. The post is actually about video games, specifically the proposed introduction of more fluid cinematic systems to take the place of a long over used game mechanic and examples of how these systems can be used to create a unique playing experience for each user. Yeah, it’s actually a lot more interesting to read than it is to read about.

I even cut the post down a load (saving it in it’s cut down form like a fool) but it was still too big to post at 13,000 characters, even when I cut it in half using the Post Intro and Post text fields on the publishing form. What’s annoyed me most about this is that I put the post together in one sitting, with no need for breaks, with everything flowing straight from my brain to my thumb as I typed. Even written as a rough post like that I was impressed enough with it so I grabbed some decent images and got ready to post it and read the feedback I got. I really hate it when this happens, but at least it wont be happening for much longer. Once our PC is online I’ll be able to just use that to put my larger posts up, and run my phone on Wi-Fi for most other things.


31 thoughts on “Denied

  1. :lol:If you absolutely, positively have to have it posted now, you could guest post it on my blog if you like (hey, it'll drive up traffic – I'll beat that Opera News yet!)

  2. :doh: I have only two things I can say in my defence. Take your pick:"It was late and I was tired"."I cannot brain today. I have the dumb". :faint:

  3. I didn`t know about that limitation. But hey, you will have PC access and it will ease things for you.One thing crosses my mind though: how do you plan to type on a PC keyboard only with thumbs? :sherlock:

  4. Again, I've got no way of sending it to you except in three or four chunks. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Besides, you've seen my Hitslink posts. Are you sure you'd risk bringing in that type of visitor?I don't plan that Darko and probably wont even touch the PC keyboard most of the time. I'll still be using my phone to put posts together, just the larger ones will get uploaded via PC and the mobile network will be replaced by Wi-Fi. :yes:

  5. This is the reason I can't add even one more space into my post on English. Is this a competitive exam paper where you have to write an essay only in specific number of words?

  6. Rose, somewhere around the twenty first of the month so that all the bills are around the same date. We'll be arranging the installation on the nineteenth.Kiran, nope not a contest. I just can't possibly cut it down anymore without losing too much of the value of the post, therefore making it not worth posting at all.

  7. There's a problem on this page which rears it's ugly head occasionally, where my posts can't be edited, deleted or even made private. I've been told it's an occasional parsing problem exacerbated by the sheer amount of extra formatting I use in my posts. I wouldn't want to risk a large post messing the page up like by only partly showing up and not being changable or deletable. Already published a draft of a post instead of the full one recently and can't change it. :irked:

  8. Rather the ability to set our own character limit for text boxes. The current limit is set by the java management software in our phones, but that can be overwritten by the program. If we could set our own text field sizes then I'd keep it at 3,000 ish most of the time for RAM reasons then up it to make a large post and drop it down again straight after.

  9. Actually from a game design perspective that was a hell of a good effort for someone new to game design. He recreated the look and feel of the old SNES and Megadrive RPGs, while mixing in real life photographs of the crime scenes, voice recordings of news reports, and scripted the game based not only on the massacre itself but the events from those kids lives that drew them towards that point. The programmer researched it thoroughly creating the map from blueprints of the school and even wrote the dialogue using what the shooters were reported to have said, as well as bits and pieces of their writing that was made public. It also does quite a good job of showing exactly how the media sensationalises these types of events in order to pull higher ratings in. Unfortunately the subject matter is too much for some people to forgive for long enough to play through and discover all this, plus the media dragged it through the mud (actually reinforcing the game's statement about them as they did so) which hasn't helped it.

  10. That's.. kinda disturbing. But that's just me.. :left:.Had a crack at a few games last couple of weeks and realised that I'm gonna get hooked again. :insane: not pretty.

  11. Sorry about your post Mik.:hat: About getting connected to the internet soon on your pc.:irked: at the spell check, it says internet is spelled wrong.

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