On New Years day I received some awful news on my feeds – a twenty five year old “man” stabbed a nine year old boy to death over a video game. Just an awful story but I’m going to report it here because the news reports seem to be focussing on the wrong thing in this story.

Anthony Maldonado got a Playstation 3 for Christmas along with Tony Hawk: Ride, a skateboarding game. He took the console and game with him when he went to stay with his grandparents and over the weekend he stayed over at his uncle’s apartment, an apartment he shared with Aaron Morales and Aaron’s two brothers. At some point Anthony’s uncle went to bed and Aaron’s brothers left to get some food so, by 3:30AM when Anthony and Morales were alone playing the game and something drove Morales into a rage where he stabbed the child repeatedly in the chest and face, they were alone. Antonio Juela, Anthony’s grandfather had this to say about the attack: “Anthony was playing on Playstation when his friend came and stabbed him. My grandson died over a video game.” And that’s the part that the news stories are running with. The problem is that it’s not the whole story.

First we’ll have a look at Aaron Morales. This is a man with dozens of prior arrests and convictions for assault, larceny, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana, who was sentenced to two years in a state prison in 2005 following one of his assault convictions. Police sources have confirmed that Morales was also under investigation for allegations of menacing, harassment and possession of weapons. His family claims he has a history of mental illness that was largely ignored by authorities, and his neighbours were already afraid of his increasingly erratic behaviour with one saying that “he was sick in the head”. This is the man that Anthony’s grandparents (who live in the same building and must know these things) have no problem with their son living with and who they let their grandson stay over with. This is the man who Anthony’s uncle let play video games with his nine year old nephew and had no problem leaving him alone with at half past three in the morning. This is the man who killed that child, yet the newspapers are focussing on the videogame element and even running “9 year old stabbed over video game” headlines.

I know that newspapers are a business aiming to pull in sales and make money but come on, isn’t anyone going to say the truth? No, it’s got to be me then? Fine, this child’s family are just as much to blame for his murder as the psycho holding the knife.


12 thoughts on “Family

  1. Well, I would like to think it is just the news that center on the video game aspect of this horrible incident. Surely the family know the part they have played in this child's death. If not, They are "sick in the head" too.

  2. I understand that it's difficult to research a story like this. I mean,hell, how on earth do you talk to a family that's suffered such an awful loss? It just gets me that journalists will leap on the pretty much non-existant video game angle when they could be reporting the facts. Facts that it took me only five minutes to find out.

  3. There is such a trend for blaming videogames, it's been going on for a number of years now, hasn't it? People got bored with 'movies are evil' so the media had to hit a different medium. And it works on far too many people, including the families of the people involved – they often fall prey to the tales spun and make martyrs of themselves and their deceased.

  4. Originally posted by Furie:

    … this child's family are just as much to blame for his murder as the psycho holding the knife.

    Oh, goodness, no! You can't go blaming the parents! What about teachers? Or Society? Or an addiction? Yeah! An addiction! That's it! Everyone has addictions nowadays; look at Tiger Woods! He's not someone who can't keep his wedding vows or his pants up; he has a sex addiction! That must mean he's not responsible! Perhaps the murderer had a murder addiction! It's not his fault, surely. Mental health workers should have picked that up before now, too. Royal Commission anyone? But, please, blame anybody but the parents! After all, we can't have parents parenting now, can we! :rolleyes:Your link reminded me of a story over here about three kids who were killed by a train one night.Two brothers and their cousin, hanging their legs over the side of the platform. Yes, a cop saw them and told them to move along. Yes, the cop was sworn at, but the kids weren't legally too young to be out (5 is apparently the cutoff) and, since they hadn't done anything illegal, the cop couldn't grab them. Yes, the cop questioned them and decided they'd be able to get home safely after that by themselves.Yes, the driver didn't have the train lights on (a common practice at that time, because the train lights can often blind oncoming traffic on the nearly highway). Yes, there was a call to the driver about kids throwing rocks at trains, so he pulled the blinds down a bit (just in case one came crashing through the windscreen). Yes, half an hour later the kids were dead (and, yes, that's tragic).And, yes, the family says the police and the railways and the driver should have done more, and if they had the kids would be alive. As opposed to the family knowing where these kids were … you know … at night … being how they were 8, 9 and 10.

  5. I still remember the blue marks that leather belt left on my arse the day I arrived home after dark! :insane:. Of course, I hadn't actually told anyone where I was going beforehand so I kinda had it coming to since I was meant to go straight home from school! :whistle:.

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