Dan Simmons, a BBC reporter is being hailed as a hero at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Approached by Sonim CEO Bob Plaschke he was challenged to try and break their new “unbreakable” phone. The device, which Sonim is advertising as the most rugged phone in the world, can withstand being up to twenty feet underwater for thirty minutes (for those moments when you go swimming fully clothed), being dropped from ten storeys up and having it’s screen hit with a hammer.

Dan was eager to test these claims and, as you can see on the video here, it only took him a couple of hits on the corner of a nearby fishtank for him to prove them wrong. A few hits and the screen was destroyed, causing a red-faced Plaschke to admit it wasn’t quite as unbreakable as they’d hoped. Back to the drawing board guys.


17 thoughts on “Unbreakable

  1. I wonder if they're re-thinking the 'break it and we'll give you a new one' deal. Or at least checking the terms and conditions very carefully. πŸ˜†

  2. What's funny is that's just the kinda think that's likely to be done to Any 'indestructable' phone! :p.Had this been marketed in South Africa, very similar scenes would have played out in bars, pubs, nightclubs across the land! :lol:.

  3. And it won't stop there … !" … the victim was, according to friends who witnessed the tragedy, hammering at his phone with the butt of his gun in an attempt to prove the claim of indestructibility wrong … "

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