Providing An Education

Have a look at that kid over on the right. Awww, ain’t he cute? But would you believe that, at only four years old, he’s the worst trouble-maker ever seen in his pre-school? So bad is Taylor Pugh that he has to be segregated from the rest of his class all day long since November, being taught by a teacher’s aide alone in the library of Floyd Elementary School in Dallas. His crime? The boy’s hair is too long (if you’re waiting for more, I’m afraid that’s it). You know, I considered writing this up in December when I first heard about it but I assumed it was just a one off incident with an over-zealous teacher and didn’t look into it further. Now I’ve found out that it’s still going on and actually backed by the school board, and I’m livid.

The district dress code states that boys hair must be kept out of their eyes and can’t extend below the bottom of the ears or past the collar of a shirt. “Hairstyles designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus is not permitted.”, the policy states. “Students who dress and groom themselves neatly, and in an acceptable and appropriate manner, are more likely to become constructive members ot the society in which we live.” Yeah, but only if you live in Stepford. In the rest of the world a policy like that only serves to destroy any form of individualism and reinforce bigotry. These children are being taught during a critical development stage that they’re only worth anything to the world if they fit in (an attitude that is one of the main causes of rising self image problems in children) and that anyone who doesn’t fit in is out to cause trouble. It doesn’t take a genius to see just how damaging the lessons taught by this policy can be to the worldview of a developing mind.

Taylor’s mother Elizabeth has attempted to compromise with the school board by tying his hair back into a ponytail, but this wasn’t good enough for the school and poor Taylor was sent straight to the library again. A closed to the public meeting of the school board on Monday resulted in them offering their own compromise – Taylor’s hair can’t go below the ears but he’ll be allowed to wear it tightly braided in order to make it shorter when in school. This time it was Elizabeth who wasn’t happy with the compromise, reasoning that the child’s scalp may bleed and his hair may break if it’s braided like that. She and her husband are considering appealing to the State Board of Education or taking the district to court. As a man with hair currently down to my waist I’m totally behind them in their battle. As a man who has been at the top of his profession I’m living proof of how ridiculous the argument for enforcing this policy is. And finally, as a man with more than a shred of common sense, I can see just how much this policy is corrupting the minds of these poor children, whether they’re victimised by it like Taylor or simply being taught that being different is wrong and needs to be punished.


42 thoughts on “Providing An Education

  1. My school expelled people with long hair. We were well-groomed degenerates.The character Eric in Dungeons and Dragons, who always criticised the group and was always wrong? He was there at the behest of a parental lobby group, to reinforce herd mentality. The writer's one regret.

  2. When we heard this on the news, we all looked at each other in disbelief. "This just doesn't happen in this age does it?"Not even in Texas. I'm pretty sure not all the kids in Mesquite have short hair. Something has to give.I notice that they are not allowed to have beards or mustaches either.

  3. You started this post as if a kid killed someone or tortured someone`s dog or cat…. I just couldn`t believe the rest of it :faint: Kids in that age just can`t see or understand the difference and surely can`t understand why this is all about…Originally posted by cwbywz:

    I notice that they are not allowed to have beards or mustaches either.


  4. This really makes me sick. 20 years ago when I started primary school, there were many boys with long hair. For a religion based school, they were pretty damn good. This is outrageous. They're teaching very small children to persecute because of aesthetics!Alexander, it's Dallas, Texas, America.

  5. Gavin – Eric was the one with the shield wasn't he? You've got a good point about clean-cut degenerates. I can't count the amount of times I've been followed around a store by store detectives while they ignore people who look respectable, despite the fact they're filling their pockets. At one point we were followed round every aisle then the guy was jumping up and down to watch us while we waited for a taxi.Rick – Ridiculous isn't it. The way the policy is worded any hairstyle can fit under their classification if they don't like it. It puts the future of these children down to the personal preference of each teacher, allowing their own predjudices to play a part in which children are allowed an education.Darko – I started it that way to illustrate how this poor kid is being treated. If your kids came home from school talking about the naughty boy who can't be taught with the rest of the class those are the sorts of things that'd go through your head. You'd think it's something the child has done, not the school treating him badly because of his hair.Aleksander – It was in America. The Mesquite region of Dallas I believe.Kim – Exactly. It's the same reasoning as seperating kids because of their skin colour. "They're different so they must be bad."Angeleki – Disgusting, isn't it.

  6. Originally posted by Furie:

    The Mesquite region of Dallas I believe.

    Mesquite is a town to the east of and not far from Dallas. A different ISD (Independent School District). Large cities may have many districts. Of course the larger school districts are more progressive.Mesquite, however, is located in the heart of bible country. A town dominated by conservative Southern Baptist. So no matter how unjust this seems, about two thirds of the resident are supporting the schools decision. The only hope is Supreme Court intervention. Some decisions like this have been upheld and just as many have been overturned. A lot more to this than it seems on the surface.In the mean time, it is the little boy that suffers. He is still being taught separate of the others until this can be straightened out.

  7. Yeah, he's still being taught, but is missing out on a valuable part of his education – interacting with other kids.The only thing we know about the Southern Baptists is that they own more white suits than the Bee Gees, run churches out of tents where actors are paid to pretend they've been healed by them, and they add extra syllables to their words while praising "Je-ay-sus". ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. And when he arrived, he found already seated in a chair, John the Hairy. But when John the Hairy noticed Jesus, he leapt to his feet and proffered his chair to the Lord, saying, "This man has hair longer than I. Maurice, lop it that it may fall at our feet!"To which Maurice replied, "Bloody Jehovas Witnesses … "

  9. Originally posted by Trinox3:

    what the f**k….texas..the freaking United states n the freaking courts are allowing this sh** i need to sue the US myself….this is nuts man

    USA is enormous, generalize a bad issue as a country issue is simply wrong! Myself ,Greek born and raised, I live in the USA and I love the country as much as my birth country…

  10. I can tell by the photo he's stoned! Long-haired kid is obviously into drugs! How dare his parents try to get him an education! Rargh! :p

  11. Originally posted by clean:

    I can tell by the photo he's stoned! Long-haired kid is obviously into drugs! How dare his parents try to get him an education! Rargh

    ahahahaha "image is everything" :p

    who knew back then?

  12. He was the one with the shield. Conversely, people were a bit hostile to me when I wore a suit for an interview. I still can't figure that one out.

  13. I'm only thinking people would want their kids in this school because of "status" reasons… But If that was the kind of thing that bothered a parent, then I imagine they would be utter conformists and would already have the kid groomed with the "right" clothes and hair to achieve such a "status" in society. ??? :confused:

  14. It's hard to run any school in the middle of bible country without the science and maths teachers being burnt as witches. :awww:

  15. Aye, It's as if anyone with any knowledge of science and maths is running around with horns on their heads wearing inverted pentagrams and crosses shouting "praise Lucifer" :devil:

  16. Whatever their reasons, surely keeping the boy in a school where he's segregated based on looks is the more harmful option.

  17. Mine's more a reference to the sรฉances than the Satanism. I could imagine it of the music teacher but not the maths teacher, who we also remember for being a member of the Natural Law Party. Not sure why Wikipedia/Google says it was founded in 1992 when she was my teacher in 1988 and the whole class knew about it back then thanks to her. Unless it was something with a similar name…although the yogic flying was definitely there.

  18. Wikipedia get completly re-written every 24hours or so doesn't it? :sherlock:.Actually, this kinda reminds me of that cartoon Mik posted once where Jesus returns in the 1600's and gets burned as a witch! :p. It seems that he failed the water test! :whistle:.

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