Mass Effect 2 – The Epic Continues

Back in 2007 an awesome game was released on Xbox 360. Despite having several key features removed from it, Mass Effect was a landmark game for me. On top of the twenty straight hours of story was another twenty to thirty hours of sidequests, including several dozen planets to scan and explore. It was a great way to build the game up as well as enhance the feel of the sci-fi universe the game portrayed, and even inspired a story from me based on the events on one of the uncharted worlds. Of course, I thought the story was quite good when I wrote it (I wouldn't have put it up here if I didn't) but, having read it recently in preparation for this post, I've come to realise it's tosh. You know those bland blog posts that are all "I did this and then I did that and it was good." and don't make any attempt to make the writing entertaining? It reads like one of those, just in space. Anyway I've included the link to my Trebin vacation story for anyone still interested, but that's not what this post is about.

Mass Effect 2 reviews from:
Official Xbox 360 magazine
Computer Video Games magazine
Edge magazine

On Friday we should receive a copy of Mass Effect 2, and the reviews linked on the right seem to think we'll get our money's worth. Two and a half years after first playing the original (which I still pick up and play occasionally) the sequel is out. Now this isn't like any regular sequel. It's not just the continuation of a story, it's the continuation of multiple stories and decisions made in the first game. Conceived as a trilogy, one of Mass Effect's defining features is that your actions in one game will be transferred to the next games in the series by importing game saves. This sort of thing has been done before with the ability to take levelled up characters into new games, but never on this level before. Every decision has the potential to change the world you'll be playing in come the next game. And it's that continuation of Shepard's decisions which has got me most excited about this game release.

I'll finally find out if I gave too much info away in a live interview. I'll see if my crazed fan went off the deep end when I shoved a gun in his face and told him to go live his life and stop concentrating on mine. I'll see if my decision to deny releasing the corpse of someone killed by a new weapon to their family so the techies could study it and come up with new armour was a good one. The woman who I advised to have gene therapy on her unborn baby (the baby has a chance of suffering a genetic disease, but also a chance of dying from the therapy) by her deceased husband will hopefully play a role as I'm most interested in the ramifications of that decision. These and dozens of other decisions I made will play some part in the new game and the one that follows it, as well as this game presenting new scenarios to make choices about. I know enough about the game to know I'll be allied with the shady Cerberus crime organisation this time, a group who I insulted and stole from last time, so I'm a little worried about how that will turn out. I also know I'll be running into the characters who were in my party the last time. As three of the six members had a chance to die in the last game, with me deciding between two of them to rescue and barely being able to stop another from killing us by killing him or talking him round, it'll be interesting to see what role they play in the game.

So yeah, new game tomorrow, so I may not be on much for a while. Maybe I'll have a better story when I come back.


10 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 – The Epic Continues

  1. That's where Splinter Cell comes in. Played it on normal now hard then I might try Elite though my patience is rather non-existant.Name me some titles you think I'd like. Not a FPS person myself or a strategy fan. Also no sports or a big racing fan though I have my moments with latter..

  2. Metal Gear Solid trilogy is pretty awesome, and the third game has one of the best and most emotional stories you'll ever play. Final Fantasy 7-9 are on PS1 which works on PS2, and Final Fantasy X, X2 and XII are on PS2. Star Ocean 3 was pretty excellent and has some great surprises. Rogue Galaxy pushes the system to its limits with fully streaming planets. The new Naruto game is out on PS2 and is supposed to be pretty good. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas are both out on the system offering different experiences.Resident Evil 4 is a landmark title, way better than the newly released number 5, and the best version is the PS2 version. SSX3 is a snowboarding game set on an entire mountain and much more fun than its sequels. Dragon Quest 8 is a cartoony RPG that's much deeper than you'll think. Silent Hill 2 is arguably the best of the SH games and really keeps you unsettled all the way through. Onimusha quadrilogy have some great gameplay even if the story is bizarre. Bully is GTA with catapults and skateboards. Devil May Cry I think you've played at some point already. The Prince of Persia trilogy has some unique gameplay that's addictive as hell.

  3. Ok let's cover what i've played.. Metal Gear Solid I played and about a hour into the next one who's name escapes me but it got the Snake ring to it and no I'm not Googling it. FF7 i've finished and I still believe it was the best I don't know how many hours of my life as finishing one of those just leaves that satisfactory feeling like a guy who had a good ball scratching 😆 .Naruto is a kinda of 'remember the spell' button masher though it's pretty cool as it gives the anime its due with 3D environments and semi 2D maybe cell shaded characters. Too kiddy for my taste really. Same thing applies to Dragonball bullshit.Resident Evil series I'd give a go again as I never finished the first one :p.Devil May Cry was a two discer with the second disc not wanting to load which means I never finished it. Had a go recently with Dead In Space after watching the movie prequel and I found it beyond awesome. Of course that was on Xbox. Then it was just some demos which made me crave a xbox or ps3 but I'm happy to tralala along with the ps2.Right now I'm gonna look into the GTAs as what I've seen looks good and I'm evil by nature so everyone must die.. :awww:

  4. I'll wait until this is on budget for PC, although I would like to play it. Budget usually means they remove the excessive copy protection they put on some PC games (or tone it down a bit), and the first Mass Effect had some of the worst.Resident Evil 4 – worst PC port ever – didn't even add an Exit option to the menu 🙄

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