It was a hell of a plan. Leave online life for a week or so to concentrate on my new video game, which would also give me the break I occasionally need to get my writing back to normal when I'm blocked or can't be bothered. Good plan eh? It was going well, with the game arriving this morning and even unwrapping without any problems. Then we put it in the console and the problems started.

Firstly the disc couldn't be read with the console deciding that it might be dirty or damaged. We've had the problem before so we ejected the disc and turned the console on its side which usually makes things a little better. When we turned the console back on we heard a grinding sound like metal on metal and were unwilling to risk putting a disc in after that. Luckily I have insurance on the console, so we should receive a freepost label to send it off with sometime next week. After that I should get vouchers for a new one sent to me within five working days. They may try to repair it (which has pissed me off as I bought replacement cover not repairs) but it seems like it's burnt out to me so it'll probably be replaced. If they do repair it instead of replacing it, I think I'll make another claim when the insurance has almost run out, just to make sure we get a new one that lasts longer.

So, instead of enjoying a trip through the most detailed universe in gaming history I don't have any games to play right now and I've spent most of the morning chasing the insurance up.


21 thoughts on “Insurance

  1. Sorry to hear that. But now you have enought time to take Kimmie out to some fancy restaurant and have romantic dinner under the candles :heart: :love:

  2. Alex, it's an Xbox 360. My third so far. I'm a heavy gamer.Kiran, my console burnt out after almost two years of hardcore use. Seeing as that's longer than most last given how much we use them, I don't think you can use that as proof that God hates me. Seriously, lighten the fuck up. You're a miserable bugger because you spend so long staring at the darkness in the world that you wont allow yourself to see the good things. Thinking that sort of stuff just because everything doesn't go exactly to plan is no reason to think these sorts of things – life would be boring as hell and I'd be weak if every single thing went according to my plans.

  3. Yeah, I wore out eight PS2s in six months each so I'm not even thinking of a PS3 until much later in the generation. By then there'll be quite a few exclusives to make it more worth it too. :up: At the moment the games I'm most interested in are either exclusive to or also released on the 360 which is why I made my choice. I am interested in the new Metal Gear, Uncharted and White Knight Story though.

  4. Yeah, but I can't interrupt you guys in the middle of a sentence by throwing you out of a window. :awww: That reminds me, where's Kitty this weekend? :left: Stuck at work?

  5. :sing: I believe I can flyyyyy….I believe I can touch the skyyyyyy…. :sing:*lands on all fours* … say, when did you move to live in a sky scraper? :left:

  6. Furie Towers is surrounded by a moat of fire. I've lived here for years, surrounded by guard robots and stuffed cats. :whistle:

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