Invitation – “I Had This Perfect Dream”

So, as you can see I've been invited to a Samsung event during the Mobile World Congress. The invite includes another event the next day about the services Samsung has planned for 2010 and the chance to sit down with some of their big wigs for drinks later in the day. I'm sure you know just how powerful the phone they'd create after that meeting would be – a true dream machine that can even transform into a robot (Must Have feature!!!). It'd be beautiful.

This is the first time I've been invited to an event like this in a few years (at least since I've been here) and it feels nice to be recognised by the industry again, if only by part of it. I really wish I could go. It's been ages since I went to one of these and swiped a load of goodie bags (you're starting to see why I haven't had an invite in a while aren't you). Unfortunately the MWC is in Barcelona and, no matter how good Freddy Mercury makes the city sound, I just can't afford to go. Ah, if invites were plane tickets and hotel suites eh?

Barcelona – such a beautiful horizon.
Barcelona – like a jewel in the sun.
The moment that phone's announced it took my breath away.


38 thoughts on “Invitation – “I Had This Perfect Dream”

  1. Ah, Barcelona… I got my 1st DAN grade in Kendo there, in 1992. Beautiful city, it is a shame you can`t go :awww:Now that song is stuck in my head :ko:

  2. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. And rich men and poor men in peace would abide. :p.I know that feeling. When something you really want is almost within your grasp, but for the want of a few measly tickets! :irked:.

  3. How annoying! :irked:Barcelona does indeed sound like a lovely city, and not only because the meteorologists predict 15 degrees C and cloudy tomorrow – I'd love to go some day. :happy:

  4. :sst: Guys, stop drawing me back here until the guy that's much bigger than me with more martial arts skills as well has got the song out of his head.I'd give almost anything to go see the shiny new phones first hand again. :awww:

  5. Now I'm confused? :confused:.Firstly, yes I was married before, I thought you knew? No, I don't make 'fat' jokes. :left:.I didn't realise that question was aimed at me. :awww:.I was gonna say something about how little dogs make the most noise. But I thought better of it. :left:.

  6. Aadil, now I'm confused too πŸ˜† never mind. Now you mention it, it does seem familiar that you've been married before…

  7. Aadil, if you regularly try to get out of fat jokes with dog jokes then I see why she's an ex. ;).David, stop working with cat and flower to get me away from Kim. :irked:.It's a beautiful country. :awww: But I'd be going for phones. :p

  8. πŸ˜† That last comment threw me off my chair! Congrats on the invite, though. Maybe this means you'll get more of them. :up:

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