Nokia Custom Dictionary

I love Nokia Beta Labs. Ever since I started using Nokia phones again I've been able to find some great experimental applications there and test them out before they're incorporated into the general firmware of Nokia's phones and applications. Some things get trashed, others get incorporated into existing applications. It's interesting for someone like me to see the development process from the beginning like this.

The latest application from the labs is the Custom Dictionary editing tool. This application finally allows us to access the dictionary that our predictive text function works from and see every word in there. We can add words we'll be using, remove words we don't want in there (recently "it-s" got added to mine instead of "it's" thanks to a typo, and I was having hell training the phone to put the right one first) and create the right list for each of us. We can also marvel at the words we've taught the dictionary (you can see both "Coisy" and "Catfiania" have snuck their way into mine, despite my guards and traps) without realising it. The best function of the application is that you can save your word list as a backup file and import those files into the app. This effectively allows you to move your word lists between phones so I can see this feature eventually being added to Nokia's Phone Switch application, as well as the Backup function in File Manager and the Settings menu.

Nokia Custom Dictionary is a tiny application, only 20KB, and can be installed on the memory card or phone memory. It can be downloaded from the Beta Labs. You'll need to be logged in to download it.


33 thoughts on “Nokia Custom Dictionary

  1. Did you read the release notes? It says which phones it'll have problems with and which it works best with. Plus you'll get compatibility warnings no matter what phone you have.If you've still got a problem there should be a bug report section on the application page I linked to.

  2. Hey, it never works for me. It probably doesn't help that I switch between two languages. But, no, it never worked for me.

  3. Thanks Mik. But I know what the problem is. :awww:. My firmware is from 2004 and there is no updated firmware available. :irked:.That's why I'm never buying a phone locally again. :bomb:.

  4. I suspect you both have the same problem, branded models. It's never worth buying from a network unless you're only gonna be making calls.

  5. My first is an unlocked hand-me-down,and the second I bought outright from a regular store. Both Nokias. It should be easy, I'd have thought. Bah.

  6. Actually, it looks like everything should work, albeit clumsily; the need to accept every individual contact; but it just stops after five. I'm considering doing it manually, but it's so easy to miss digits. Annoying. Maybe I'll buy an iPhone. :whistle: :p

  7. Unlocked just determines which SIMs you can use. Branding is put on by the network to make the phone their own, stuff like renaming the browser or removing features they don't support. Branding determines whether the phone can have firmware updates. As each network adds different branding, each new firmware has to be requested by the network, built according to their specifications, and approved by the network before it can be released. Most networks don't bother until a majority of phone owners have requested it. Manufacturers are starting to stop the networks adding branding to their models now though.Is it just the settings that get in the way? If that's the case it's easily sorted.

  8. In South Africa, all 'legitimate' phones are 'branded'. Non branded phones don't work properly with our networks custom USSD system. :irked:.Making it hard to get settings for your phone unless you can deduce them for yourself and manually enter them into the appropriate places. Of course, that means that you'll have to guess them again once every six months when the networks randomly change crucial settings for no apparent reason! :irked:.We're kinda caught between a rock and a hard place on this one. :awww:.

  9. Zip the files, send them over as one zip file, extract to folder Other/Contacts on your memory card then refresh the contacts from the Contacts application. :up: Simple.

  10. I know you're gonna make me regret asking this, but you are installing to your Nokia yeah? :left: If so it may not be fully supported on your device yet.

  11. It bugs me that they do that. Both the networks for branding handsets and the Beta Labs for only releasing things for certain firmwares.

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