Little Red X

The image you’re seeing is the bottom of the screen of my phone when my file manager application is open. Notice the red X next to the exit button? That’s the delete button. It’s badly placed obviously but doesn’t cause too much trouble as you have to confirm that you want to delete. Last night I hit that button by accident without realising it. And, as I thought I’d hit the exit button, I confirmed the exit. Still being in the file manager I almost cried when I realised I had an entire folder highlighted at the time and had now deleted that folder.

The folder I deleted contained 43 complete blog posts. Now I know what you’re thinking, if you take 43 posts from my page you’ll have a couple of long ones amongst hitslink posts and comics. Yeah, thing is, those hitslink posts and comics are all in a seperate rainy day folder. This folder contained all my hard worked on posts, including a couple that were so large I was waiting for the PC to go online so I could post them. The complete version of a story I had to cut down to get online is gone to the ether now too. So I’m going to be spending ages building up my posts repository again and all thanks to a little red X.


30 thoughts on “Little Red X

  1. Oh, sorry. :down:They have placed the delete button at a wrong place, as if it's needed all the time. It's good to put the delete option in a menu or a pop-up menu in case of touchscreen phones. which phone is it?

  2. Damn.. Maybe it's not the button position but your caveman thumbs that. could be the problem? :sherlock: we with the dainty little nancy boy fingers don't have that problem. 😆

  3. I was actually planning to backup to PC in the morning. So far I've managed to recreate one post from memory, download the story I wrote so I can rewrite parts of it the way I originally had it and get a copy of a forum post I put up which was quoted from a third of an article I'd written. That leaves forty posts in the ether with all the research for them deleted as I'd written the posts and didn't need it anymore. :awww: Most were about the size of that story or larger, and represented my best writing since coming here.As for fingers, I use my stylus with this phone. Your fingers must be thin as hell if they're smaller than that. :eyes:

  4. I have one idea. But please don`t laugh because I don`t know much about phones. I guess you have Windows Mobile something as OS on your phone. If the memory on that phone is NTFS (I guess it works similar to flash memory or SSD) you may to try to find some free software for taking back erased data, that will work on a phone.Just an idea…

  5. But try not to use the mobile 'till you try; if it works like a P.C., the info wasn't deleted, but the memory area that it existed on is now fair game for overwriting.

  6. You guys underestimate how much I use my phone for throughout the day. I've already downloaded a hundred megabytes of podcasts, played games that use the card as a cache, had a load of e-mail and Twitter alerts come through different applications since the event. This is a slow day by the way. It's gone for good, but nice idea anyway. Thanks for trying to help.*puts on the t-shirt*I discovered a way to get my longer posts online today, ironically after destroying them. I'll be putting up the post I managed to recreate tomorrow morning so you can see the length that most of the ones I managed to delete were. :awww:

  7. I used to keep an online copy of my posts, but it got too hard to keep it neat, and since they updated here I can't change the date on posts so wont upload them here as private.

  8. :awww:. Yeah! that data recovery thing might work for us simple folk. But I suspect your card is virtual toast by the time you're finished! :insane:.

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