Delivering The Goods

You may remember I told you about a competition being run on Twitter a little while back? It was a Symbian event where re-tweeting their posts got you a chance to win some items, as a celebration of finishing making their code fully open source. I was hoping to win a Symbian Foundation t-shirt for myself, but missed out there.

“As the sun goes down
I move around
Keeping to the shadows.
Life hangs by a thread
And I’ve heard it said
I’ll not see tomorrow.
If that’s my destiny
It’ll have to be
So I’ll face the future.”

Anyway, long story short, Kim and I won sixty dollars of Amazon vouchers between us during the event and we’ve just gone shopping this week. Now, obviously we’re not in the US so we’ve basically got to spend a third of that on shipping charges, but it’s still free stuff. Also we can’t go getting DVDs and video games because they’re region protected, meaning we couldn’t use them here. We eventually settled on getting a few CDs in. It’s nice to have hard copies as back up for our music and they aren’t region protected so it shouldn’t be a problem to order those in. Of course we do have an estimated delivery date that goes up to April so there’s a chance the courier is swimming here… What CDs did we order you ask (wordlessly but loud enough for me to answer) me? Well we got a couple to add to our Metallica hard copies selection (from before they sucked ass of course) and one of my favourite albums that I haven’t owned in a while – Metal Works. It’s a greatest hits album covering twenty years of Judas Priest and it fucking rocks. There’re some awesome tracks on there that really show off how this band redefined metal over the years (and also a song that is blatantly about oral sex but gets away with it because it could be about something else if you’re really naive).

In other news, you may have noticed I’ve seemed distracted lately (I’ve been a bit quieter in comments here recently as well as skipping posting occasionally) if you know me well enough. We’ve had some monetary problems that have been on my mind. During the same period that I cleared the last of a nagging debt and our games console exploded we found out our cash had basically been cut in half due to what amounts to clerical errors. Bad month eh? So anyway, we’ve been budgeting tightly in case we couldn’t get it sorted out anytime soon, as it could have taken three months or more to sort out according to the procedures we’d have to follow. Today we got the letter confirming that everything has been put right, with a little bit of a bonus too. So we’ve got the money we had budgeted to survive on as basically our play money now. With that weight off our minds we can relax a little more and treat ourselves a little. Yeah, our new 26 inch HD television should arrive to enhance our gaming activities.


38 thoughts on “Delivering The Goods

  1. The moral of the story is, things may seem bad but that's just so you can see and appreciate the good to come. Being broke made us curb our spending enough that our saved cash can afford a new TV, plus we've now been forced to examine our spending habits and replace some of the bad ones with better methods. The money worries made us start to establish a store cupboard of excess food which is just good sense anyway. And, of course, we're both a lot more grateful for what we've got now that we've faced losing it. Life is good when it's been bad. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. How absolutely cool, both the winnings and the "unexpected" money! :yes: I do that same thing about the store cupboard – it does indeed make great sense. :up:

  3. Another little piece of information – one of the CDs I ordered with our winnings is actually one we already own, so I'll be giving that away in the future :doh: blonde's coming back in nicely, as you can tell ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. No congratulations needed on winning. It's what we do. :happy: Hell, just have a look back at stuff we've had in the past. I alone have had multiple t-shirts, phone peripherals, and two newly released phones. Kim's had a gift box for how good her blog is, a video camera and multiple vouchers and other freebies. We're winners, despite what our schoolfriends said all the time. :awww::left:;):p.We did request a TV from Aadil but he just sent an eight foot tall lumberjack called Kevin to us for help with his make-up. :irked:.Kitty, we've been meaning to do it for a while now but have been kinda lazy about it. We had food in and new DVDs/games were out… We usually have enough in for a couple of weeks with minimal expenditure but we're gonna dedicate ourselves to the idea now and, once it's fully built up, we'll keep it stocked and rotated.Babe, you're my blondie-bear. :devil:

  5. I so wanna meet the person who came up with the idea of region coding for DVDs. Of course, I'd have to hose off my foot afterwards … :whistle:

  6. The region coding is bad enough, but European D.V.D.s got an inferior sound codex for the same reason, to make it harder to play American D.V.D.s there. Sods.

  7. ๐Ÿ˜† I didn't even think of that.Yes, the plan was that America would get Dolby (AC-3), and we would get MPEG-2. Dolby is one more or less everything now anyway, but the fact that they planned this still annoys me.

  8. The original reason for region coding was so the the same film reels used in the US could be sent to other countries and used there at a later stage. The region codes prevent dvd's from making a film available before it's been on the big screen. :awww:.

  9. Actually, on D.V.D., you should get an American player for U.S. films, and a European for European; we shoot at different frame rates. They shoot at 24 frames a second, we shoot at 25. Our D.V.D.s run at 25. American T.V.s are 60 Hz, European 50. Unless you live in France, where they have a slightly different T.V. system, or did when we were all analogue anyway.Basically, perfectionists are fucked.

  10. So let me get this straight. In order to have the optimal viewing experience we need to buy a UK and US DVD. Play the UK one on mute and play the US one with the sound on but no picture? Sounds like a marketing trick aimed at perfectionists to me.

  11. That was the idea, but not the same actual reels. There's actually a slightly different process used in Europe and America; European copies are of slightly higher quality. I, um, did a course.

  12. …and that originally was the reason for the difference; if the T.V. flicker rate and the power rate weren't in synch, the picture rolled.I shall shut up now.

  13. I was also told once that the really cheap DVD players you can buy in supermarkets are as cheap as they are because the company making them didn't pay licence fees for region coding, and thus have no region coding in the machine …

  14. Apparently there are 'hacks' for DVD players out there (sequences to enter via remote control) to disable region coding (so I'm told, apparently, perhaps, according to … uh … um … Google, yeah, that's it, Google! :whistle: ). Of course, they can completely root your DVD player (and certainly void the warranty), so it's worth doing the research. Like, say, if three different people online said they had no problem with the hack for a particular model of DVD player, it's pretty safe to assume it'd work. But don't quote me. And use such advice at your own risk. I assume no liability for damage to anyone's DVD player if they choose to act upon this mere informational statement … :whistle:

  15. No, no, you can watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" even on the expensive ones. The movies with Gena Davis and Walter Mathau too. I haven't had the possibility to check that region code info with these cheap dvd-players from Asia. So it could be a urban legend. Or out dated by technological progress.

  16. Oooh, cool winnings and bonuses!I code hacked my previous DVD-player and got the text: "You should not be here!!!" ๐Ÿ˜†

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