Three Years

It’s been three years since I created this username here and the legacy of The Dark Furie began, although the older readers will know that wasn’t my first experience of Opera. Since that time I’ve written 1590 posts according to my post count (yours may differ as some are private and friends only now) and covered a hell of a lot of subjects. I’ve gained friends and made enemies here, had repeated mentions of my projects on the community frontpage, and even won a few freebies here. I’ve won awards for my blog, the most prestigious being a Β£600 newly released phone that was given because my page was deemed one of the best places to teach people about the strengths of the phone.

Here’s a few posts you may have missed, spread throughout all three years that I’ve been here.

Obviously this is just a taste of the many posts I’ve written here. Some are better, some are worse. But I believe these posts, picked at random, best represent the range of subjects I cover and the different ways I approach them here. This page has become more than a hobby. It’s become a body of work that I’m proud of.


94 thoughts on “Three Years

  1. Congratulations to the Legend.Whoa! Wait a minute. The Legend? :eyes:I actually could have sworn it said legend where it says legacy. :doh: Uh Oh! Then when I tried to type the code for "Doh," I first typed, ":dog:" :insane:

  2. *taps another keg for the guests, brews another coffee, puts on a Bon Jovi mix-tape and does the Robot dance*

  3. *does the worm past Kiran*Sure. As soon as every one of you has posted an invite on their page linking everyone else to the party.

  4. Awesome.Dancing cowboy, check.Fake moon lander, check.Bald black guy shaking his fist, check.Music that hasn't changed in twenty years apart from being played louder and louder until the lyrics can't be heard and the bass makes you throw up, check.Hmmm, something's missing. Years ago there was another key element that made every party rock.*pulls a 150 inch television into the corner of the post and puts on a video of the dancing baby from Ally McBeal*Perfect. :coffee:

  5. Wow, three years and approaching two posts a day :eyes: Scarily i've probably read all but the earliest ones too – Mik's slowing down Opera every time I check my Subscriptions :p Seriously, congratulations, Mik :up: A year ago I didn't think you'd be here by now, but i'm glad you still are πŸ˜€

  6. Yeah, I was considering leaving and getting sick of a lack of features back then. I dunno though. I've made a place for myself here. Got into the top 100 most visited blogs before I slowed down my posting to less than once a day, which is better than I imagined I'd ever do when I first got here. I think I've dropped to within the top 130 now. Made some great friends that I don't want to lose. And, most importantly, I've shown myself that there's more to me than I gave myself credit for.

  7. Thanks for the offer, but at my age, drinking would be illegal in my city. :whistle:Recycling eh? It's cool to do. Just need to get around to doing it. :right:

  8. Nevermind youngster.*taps a keg of Cherry Coke*Here, lemme show you how cool grown ups dance.*acts out the final dance from Dirty Dancing with Dennis*Nobody puts Dennis in a corner! :left:

  9. Help yourself to beer. There's an infinite keg tapped over there by the moon lander. Just don't look behind the curtain next to it cause the recycling process is pretty nasty.

  10. Sorry mate, Espen hasn't shown up with the bucket of chicken yet. 😦 I've a good mind to ban him for that. :whistle:

  11. Happy Operaversary, Mik. I'm glad that you decided to stay after all, because it would have been a loss for the community if you left.Thanks for all the battles too! :up:To many more. :cheers:

  12. Keep it up, brother. You the man.*Puts tape labelled 'Guns'n'Roses, Aerosmith, etc.' in player*If you have to do the dancing robot, pick the right music for Pete's sake.

  13. That's the one Kiran, it's harder than it looks. Nice picks that Riddick. πŸ˜€ Seen 'em both on stage singing Mama Kin together.*slides a can of tuna down to the kitten*To many more battles, and the good times between.Awww Espen, ya made me blush. I'm here for the site while it's here for me. Now, where's our chicken maaaaan? πŸ˜‰

  14. Ahem. :sing:Sometimes you've gotta goWhere everybody knows your na-a-ameAnd they're always glad you ca-a-ame:sing: :left:

  15. A pint of Almdudler, please πŸ˜€ and a pack of steak-flavoured Real McCoy's… Oh, and a pint of H2SO4 for that marketing boss over there :left:

  16. Good stuff! It's fantastic to have you as a My Opera member . When someone is breaking the law, or something is broken, you let me know. I appreciate your efforts for helping making My Opera a top notch community site.Here's to three more years! :cheers:

  17. *lays down some clear plastic for when that goes all the way through*Hmmm, time for my first post of my fourth year methinks. Now, what's good enough to mark the occasion? :sherlock:

  18. *Sniffing Kitty's tuna. Wispers to Kitty:*It's okay, no psychostimulants added this time. Go ahead and eat it. Seems like He has buried the tomahawk for the time being. I suggest we cut him some slack too.

  19. I know him well enough to never trust him completely when he wears that halo! <sniffs the tuna>Hmmm… You want a bite first, Lion?

  20. Erm… Sorry about that. Guess my nose isn't what it used to be. Well, what is it you say… You can't win 'em all…

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