I like having options. Choice is, after all, the cornerstone of a free society and yet it’s one of the things we give away most willingly. Bizarre, but not really relevant to this post.

Today I found out that my entry into a recent competition run on this site was one of the five winning entries. Not meaning to sound egotistical here, but I think I deserved it. The object of the competition was to tell people about our greatest gaming experience and so many came to mind but I submitted a piece of writing I’d completed earlier designed to show how well Batman: Arkham Asylum had been developed. After enduring decades of crappy Batman games (collect the keys and avoid the enemies to get to the next level) with the licence just tacked onto an already existing game format, here was a game that not only made the player feel like Batman, it made us think like him in order to complete the game. For those few people who haven’t read the story I wrote, it’s printed here along with a micro-review of the game.

The prize in the competition was meant to be a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Now this is actually one of the reasons I entered the competition, combined with the fact that I’m cheap. Basically, I price games when I hear about them according to how much I’m willing to spend on them. Some things we’ll buy on day one while other things might wait until they’re down to half price or even bargain basement prices. It’s something I’ve done for years and something Kim and I do together now, adding value to games if we’re both interested. However, a shooter like the Battlefield series is something that we’d normally value at about Β£5 as they’re usually quite short and mostly built for longevity through online play, so winning it through a competition would be the only way I could try it out for a few years. And then Espen made an offer (not like that ya dirty buggers). An easier way for them to provide the prize would be to send an Amazon voucher code for the game’s price via e-mail – an offer I eagerly accepted as it gives me a second gift. The gift of choice. Now I can choose to get that game or something else that catches my eye. Had I applied the voucher code ten minutes earlier it would have automatically paid for Final Fantasy XIII (arriving tomorrow so expect me to not be around as much for a little while), but we’ve got a rather large list of things we’ve wanted for a while now. Decisions, decisions, eh?

I like having options.


18 thoughts on “Options

  1. Played first, of course. But the thing about shooters is that without an online component, or in our case a connection, they'd last a week at most. With a choice I can pick something much more valid for our tastes, something that's at or near the top of our list. :yes:

  2. Well, we've just ordered Heroes Season 3 on DVD. It was next on the list anyway, but it's what the voucher paid for specifically. Got some left over for our next purchase which will be the Dragon Age:Origins expansion pack, Awakening so I guess it'll buy those things specifically.

  3. *resists urge to use clichΓ©d brit comment**gives in to urge anyway*bloody good show ol' chap an all that. :p.Your excellent writing skills deserved that win! :yes:.And choice is always a good ting :up:.(p.s: was going to correct that T9'er up there, but them I decided it looked :cool:)

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