Jennifer Alupo was twenty years old when she was married to Nathan Amoloi. According to tradition Nathan paid Jennifer’s parents the bride price of two cows. And that’s where the trouble started. One of the two cows given to Jennifer’s parents was the cow that gave the milk that Nathan used to feed his hunting dog. Deprived of his prize cow, Nathan did what any sane person would do and started practicing an ancient tradition of his village – a belief that when a dog is breastfed human milk it becomes a better hunter. So after the birth of their first child, when Jennifer was rife with milk, Nathan started forcing her to breastfeed his dog’s puppies. This went on for a little over seven years.

β€œMy husband is a hunter. When people killed his dogs, he bought five puppies but feeding them was a problem. One night I woke up and found a puppy on my breast feeding. My husband was standing nearby with a panga and threatened to cut me into pieces if I resisted. He told me the cows that would have produced milk for the puppies were used to pay my bride price. This continued for some time until my third born of four months developed rashes.”

“At first I thought it was the child suckling”, Jennifer says of her ordeal, “but my husband had removed the baby and replaced it with a puppy. I cried out in alarm but he threatened to strangle me. He bribed me with 5,000 and promised to buy meat so that I don’t tell anyone. He also told me I will eat food before the dogs.”
But Nathan was lying and his treatment of her got worse. Periodically he’d come in and force her to feed his puppies from her breast.
“After my fifth child was born I reported to my father.”
Jennifer’s father arranged a meeting between himself and Nathan’s parents, during which Nathan agreed to treat Jennifer better. Predictably this bastard beat his wife after the meeting and refused to let her eat for a week. Luckily Jennifer’s father had kept a close eye on proceedings and contacted the authorities, but that’s where this story took another sick turn.

Firstly Jennifer was repeatedly accused of being insane or delusional. The police tried to send her back to her husband but, at her father’s insistance, they eventually relented and opened an investigation, sending her to a women’s centre. The investigation led to an arrest and a case at the magistrate’s court. Here again Jennifer was accused of being delusional by the magistrates and the case was almost thrown out. Pressure from the Actionaid charity and testimony from the chief of police eventually persuaded them that this woman needed help and that they were obligated to give her that help – no mean feat in a country that has no laws protecting women from such abuse. Nathan is currently being charged with child neglect due to depriving his children of their mother’s milk.
“For over five years he’s forced his wife to breastfeed his dogs.” said a neighbour who prefers to remain anonymous, “I’ve seen it and it’s part of this villages mentality.”
Another anonymous neighbour confirmed the events and said that Nathan had killed the dogs afterwards. This neighbour said that village elders had forbidden them to talk about the incidents due to the shame it brings the village. As they didn’t do anything to help Jennifer one can only assume that the complaint is the shameful part for them.

Jennifer Alupo is 27 years old now and lives in a single room at the Women Wont Wait Domestic Prevention centre. At the centre she is undergoing therapy to help her overcome her ordeal and is being trained to work a sewing machine to help her find work. She is able to smile about the future now but dares not leave the centre as her husband has threatened to bring her home.
“I paid my brideprice,” says Nathan, “and if they don’t refund I’ll have no choice but to bring her home.”
Of course, Nathan not only wants his cows back, but the profit that the family have made on the cows since they’ve had them. He has already taken three of his children back from Jennifer’s family.

I have an offer for Nathan Amoloi. Come visit me and see how we treat people like you in my country. It also involves feeding dogs.


29 thoughts on “Puppies

  1. The world is insane. Probably always has been and it's modern media that is bringing it to ligit. Hope it helps to correct these serious deficiencies somehow.

  2. People tried to ignore it. Those who were closest found it easier to ignore the way he treated her than cause a problem in the running of the village, the police found it easier to say she's insane than investigate properly. It took months to convince anyone to help this girl, and they only paid attention because a man backed her story. There are probably hundreds going through the same with no hope for help.

  3. You're surprised Swaer? :left:.This could very easily be downtown Kwa-Kwa the way things work in this Country! :awww:.

  4. So that's from Uganda. I have always felt, the earth, the sphere we are living on, needs revolution. Country specific revolution, like french revolution or the renaissance, is not enough. Change is the only constant. It's good to change for better. Inertia in the name of culture, religion, tradition is illogical.

  5. Poor woman… And poor kids! In the quote it says this continued until the third born developed rashes, but the article says she reported it after the fifth child was born?

  6. Yeah, I'm working from different sources here and most are concentrating on the puppy breastfeeding (cause it's something you don't hear everyday) but it's obvious that there was other abuse there. Far as I can piece together, that particular form of maltreatment stopped after her third child developed rashes, but she only spoke to her father after the fifth child was born.

  7. Dogs produce milk – even the males (I saw it on an episode of South Park once πŸ˜‰ ). The ideal punishment for Nathan (aside from a good kicking, that is)? Let him be put in the position of a suckling dog … but on a male dog.Seriously though, it's good she got away from him. As for his having paid his brideprice, stiff shit. People aren't possessions. He should count the 'cost' as a lesson to not be such a fucking freak. Sadly, though, it's obvious he hasn't learned a thing.

  8. I think I read a story of a woman breastfeeding her dog in one of my newsfeeds :left: Willing participant by the way. No it wasn't my mother you sick twats 😑

  9. I read the same story Clint. It's what originally drew me to this one as I looked into how common it is. :yuck:

  10. Disturbing. Even more so than the 6 year old still suckling on his mum. This makes that seem alright? :insane:

  11. Both weird. Neither is good either. After six months a child gets no benefit from breast feeding. And an animal can actually be put in danger if it feeds from a human.

  12. We're toxic? Well I know you shouldn't give milk to birds as they get some sort of liver disease or illness.What's up with human milk then? Or is it species type thing?

  13. We carry every disease we've ever had in our blood. For the first six months of birth a child needs to breastfeed so they can pick up some immunities from the mother. Thing is, animals react differently to different diseases. While we can't really create a cross species disease, we can certainly boost an existing disease's resistance to treatment in the same way we boost a child's immunity. It's one theory about how superbugs get started outside of a lab.

  14. That is so horrible, what an absolute fuckwit! :furious: Ooh How I'd like to remove his balls. Slowly. And feed them to the dogs!

  15. Can't find your comment about it, but I'm currently watching season 1 of Fringe on your recommendation and am about halfway through. Loving it so far although some episodes are a little more fantasy based than science based (others are a little closer to things that have happened though). Got a few things that I've noticed so far, mostly that Peter's memories of childhood don't seem to match up with his father's or reality. Plus the bald dude showing up in every episode is the sort of thing I love.

  16. No spoilers for you. :p excellent in noticing :sherlock: it all 'fits' and I'm on s2 but it still doesn't πŸ˜† well some of it. I've watched with the 'credibility' factor keeping me going. Think I'll watch first season again.Knew you'd like it :happy:

  17. Well impressed. I swear that building at the end was the World Trade Center. Bet that had a hell of an impact in the States.

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