April Fools Day

I love April Fools day. This year I’m perpetrating a minor hoax on the members of the Lionhead Community forums. I’ve been a member there for four years and a regular poster on the Fable forums. For some people my word has started to count for something due to my no-nonsense attitude, the information I share with people and the ideas I’ve put forward. Not saying everyone hangs on my every word, just that it’s well known that I research and don’t say something without being able to back it up. Then I posted the following this morning, which may change all that:

I’ve always spoken out in favour of DLC, even getting into a few heated discussions with other members here about how the developers aren’t ripping us off by making us buy an unfinished game then selling the rest to us over time. Fact of the matter is that DLC takes time to make and is an optional extra on top of the full game that we’ve bought. Even I’m skeptical that this will work though.

“Think of downloadable content like a three disc edition of a movie with a load of special features, and we have the option of buying the single disc version or paying extra to buy the extra features.” began Molyneux in answer to the question. “At the moment we can buy the game and opt to spend a little amount here and there to build up the game with more and more downloadable content. It seems like a good system until you take into account that only fifteen percent of gamers actually buy DLC. Why is that, man? Why do so many people who’re online not expand their gaming experience. There’s a lot of reasons our research has found and one of those is that people want to pay a set price for the game. They don’t want to pay $60 and then another $60 for extras over time. They’d actually rather pay that $120 up front.”

“So that’s why we decided to come up with a three tier system of payment for Fable III. People can buy the game and pay for downloadables later. That’s just the first tier, man. The second one involves paying $40 extra. For that $40 you get a license that allows you to download all extra content for the first two years of release absolutely free of charge. For those two years we guarantee that we’ll release at least one large content package every six to eight weeks as well as smaller quests and items more regularly. The third option is the upgrade which is where you can buy Fable III as normal and purchase a $50 upgrade at any point to give you the two year access license. It’s all about putting choice of payment back into the hands of the player, and convincing a few more people to try out the high quality extra content we’ll be producing for this game.”

I used a few common speech patterns of the man supposedly giving the interview while writing this, which will stand out as “right” to readers of the forum. A follow up comment on the same post had me using the word “licence” rather than “license” to further distance myself from the text in the reader’s subconscious, and positing a slightly flawed idea of how this would work (an error that anyone could make from reading it, but that is actually wrong). Now I’m about to go to bed so wont be able to provide a link to the original, non-existant interview. It’s going quite well so far, but I’m sure someone will pick up on the prank before long. Yeah, I’m the devil, I know.


35 thoughts on “April Fools Day

  1. Cat got out of the bag quicker than I'd like. 😆 Now they know what I'm like as much as this place so I'll have to find somewhere else for next year. :devil:

  2. This is a little close to how some PC games are already being sold :ko: Not that this will ever make it to PC short of emulation :left:

  3. Actually, there have been hints. They've been advertising for a network consultant to get the game's online components working between 360 and PC copies. It's most likely that they're setting up a browser game with unlockables that go to your console game, but some people have taken it as proof that it's coming to PC. Time will tell.

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