A Ruined Life

I watch quite a few American comedy shows and, being British, there are a few little jokes that I don’t understand. One of them is the almost universal loathing of New Jersey that these shows have. I’ve learned to appreciate the jokes by imagining they’re talking about a pit of a town I’m aware of over here, but I never understood how New Jersey got such a bad reputation to start off with. Whatever happened, this story wont improve that reputation.

On March 28th the residents of the Rowan Towers apartment building in Trenton, New Jersey gathered for a party. It was the usual affair for people of that age group (early teens through to mid twenties) complete with banging music, drink, some drugs… and prostitution. One of the party-goers, a fifteen year old girl who cannot be named due to her age, arrived at the party and started selling sex to the guys in the apartment. How horrific is it that we live in a world where a girl that young can go to a party in the apartment building where she lives with her parents and openly sell sexual favours? Unfortunately that’s not the shocking thing about this story. You see, the girl had her seven year old stepsister with her and, when one of her customers offered her money so that he could touch the child, the teenager readily agreed. The touching got out of hand (for want of a better expression for such a vile act) and the man started to force sex on the distressed child while her teenaged sister looked on. This escalated until the seven year old girl was gang-raped as a floorshow for the party by “at least” seven men. By this point the teenager had tried to protest, presumably because only one guy had paid to ruin her little sister’s life and she was losing money on the deal.

So far the teenaged sister has been arrested for child endangerment and prostitution almost immediately following the incident. Gregory Leary (twenty years old) was charged on Wednesday for statutory rape after having sex with the fifteen year old and is now facing further charges of child endangerment and aggravated sexual assault. Four other males aged thirteen, fourteen, seventeen (none of which can be named due to their ages), and nineteen (Tiemear Lewis) have been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment on Saturday. More arrests are expected over the coming weeks. Doug Palmer, the mayor of Trenton has given the victim’s family every possible aid from his office to get them out of the area for their own safety following threats to their safety from the families of those arrested and some vigilantes.

And here comes the truly heartbreaking part of it all: That seven year old girl was only present at the party because she was worried about her sister’s safety.


24 thoughts on “A Ruined Life

  1. At last! Apologies to all those who've tried to get to this post the previous two times I posted it. Something in the extra HTML screwed it up and made it so it needed to be deleted directly from the server. :insane: I've removed the offending code now – a sidebar containing an extra quote. You can read that here though:"Good people came forward to try and get justice for this 7-year-old angel, who was brutally gang-raped by pedophile animals. Everyone that was responsible is still not arrested. Police won't rest until we get every one. We're going to continue to embrace this family. This is a nightmare for everyone involved. And it's my intent to have them out of the area because the little girl has been stigmatised."From Mayor Doug Palmer's statement to the pressIt appears that there was an error inherent in that quote due to the way Opera Mini processes copied text. :irked:

  2. You know, no matter what kind of verdict these guys get, it'll never be hard enough. I feel sorry for that poor little girl.

  3. I totally agree, kitten. This is one of the worst cases I've heard in a while and there's no way it's down to so-called mob mentality. Makes me sick to think about it.

  4. ""Good people came forward to try and get justice for this 7-year-old angel, who was brutally gang-raped by pedophile animals"one crime that justice can do only so much 😦 :cry:thanks for sharing

  5. I have nothing to say. So sad. So evil. So wrong. And still, I am not surprised about stuff like this happening. This means, that I am getting cynical too, doesn't it?

  6. New Jersey has that rep because New York has a huge dump there. Who the hell wants to have sex with a seven year old? Besides being disgusting, that's bizare.

  7. You know, as part of my psychology courses at university I spent time working in the local psychiatric hospital. There was a guy there who had put himself in voluntarily and no-one knew why. It had become a running bet amongst the staff to diagnose him. Took me a while but I managed to get through to him and get him to talk. Turns out he was technically a paedophile and wanted himself off the streets while he felt he wasn't safe to be around. I was absolutely disgusted and almost left, but part of me wanted to fix him, so I went back.Turns out this guy finds women from 14 years old attractive. Now, if you're unfamiliar with the laws in this country, it's legal to have sex from 16 years old. This guy was almost 40 but the age group he found attractive hadn't grown with him. He told me how he'd gone through realisation and disgust before learning to live with himself despite this fetish. And that's when his little sister's schoolfriend had made a blatant slut-play for him and he'd locked himself away.The interesting thing about that case is that it made a clear distinction in my mind between paedophiles and child molesters. Paedophilia is like any other fetish in that those with that fetish may specifically get off on it, but it doesn't mean they're going to act on it. Child molesters on the other hand (a group of people this guy felt as violently about as I do) may not have paedophilia but they have no problem ruining a child's life as long as they have their jollies. I talked to this guy about the constant pressures surrounding him and came to realise that while he's technically a paedophile, he's actually less guilty in anything he's done than anyone who got their rocks off to that Britney Spears schoolgirl video.

  8. Y'know, forehead tatoos should be made mandatory for some crimes (seriously), just so the assholes can't ever get away from what they did. "Pimped My 7 Year Old Sister" and, "Raped a 7 Year Old" in this instance. And anyone who wants to take action against them because of those tattoos should be granted legal immunity.Originally posted by Aqualion:

    I have nothing to say. So sad. So evil. So wrong. And still, I am not surprised about stuff like this happening. This means, that I am getting cynical too, doesn't it?

    Probably. Unfortunately, I'm the same. I was disgusted to hear about it, but not surprised, somehow.

  9. How long still will this type of shit go on?Men raping babies. Actual babies and over here all they get is maybe a life sentence in a cushy little prison if the judge deems it such a astrocity.This is one of many reasons I petition for the death sentence over here. Criminals just haven't got that fear deep down to their balls that something life ending will happen to them that's why they do this type of things.Mandatory death sentences for pedos is my suggestion then you won't be faced with something like this again.Maybe that'll be wishfull thinking but we can give it a shot no?

  10. The term "child molester" is way too soft and politically correct for my taste. Call them what they are…"child rapers".

  11. The problem with that term is that it's not accurate in a lot of cases. The perpetrator can plead out that the, lets say 13 year old girl, told him she was 18 and then it becomes a matter of consent which is implied as given. By creating a new charge (which requires a new term) they're able to craft that particular law so that it covers more areas which wouldn't apply to a general rape law. Inappropriate touching for example is something covered by child protection laws in a way that would be either open to abuse if covered by rape laws or undermining the law itself.The problem with these particular cases, as with all laws, is that sometimes innocent people are charged. I read a trade journal a while back telling the story of a guy who ran a newsagents in my home town. A young schoolgirl had started screaming in the middle of the shop that he'd touched her and tried to do other things. Thing is, the police were already there as he'd called them. She'd threatened to cry paedo if he didn't sell her cigarettes and the whole exchange was monitored by police. Didn't stop her family spreading shit about him around the town and driving him out of business though. As good as a mandatory death sentence sounds, there'd be just as many innocents dragged into that trap too, and it doesn't cost the kids a thing to start throwing accusations.

  12. On a day where the main topic of conversation has been rape, I find it almost fitting that I've had some new details about this case come up on my news feeds.It seems that the little bitch who sold her sister's body has given so many conflicting statements of the events that happen that the police are unable to prosecute to the fullest extent that they can. Due to a lack of ready DNA evidence and these conflicting statements by the victim's sister, all of the perpetrators have been given lesser charges as plea bargains due to the rape charges being unlikely to hold up in court. So yeah, the sister gets her raped and then screws up any chance of punishment for these guys.The savages that committed this act have been charged with trespassing and have received sentences of three years probation. They're out there still, living in the same apartment block with their lives barely changed by their actions. They gang raped a child and got charged with trespassing…

  13. Good grief!! 😥 So disgusting. Anyone who rapes should get their junk amputated! And then sentenced to death. Methinks that's a fair deal.

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