Kitty Shot Nine Times

The following is a news report that got forwarded to me by my military advisors. Despite the differences between my country and certain others I must deny any involvement in this crime, and remind my soldiers in the field that their target is not in Sweden.

As if seeking to prove the verity of the old myth of a cat's nine lives, Kitty – a feline resident of Traneberg in western Sweden – is recovering after surviving nine shots to her head and torso.

"The shooter must have been standing very close for the bullets to have gone so deep," said vet Andrew Blockley to the local Hallands Nyheter daily. Kitty dragged herself injured and bloody to the family home in Traneberg in Varberg on Saturday. Everyone presumed that she had got herself embroiled in a fight with a dog and had been bitten, including the vet at Halland animal hospital in Sloinge – until three air gun pellets were found on her person. One had penetrated her nasal shaft, one was lodged just under her eye and a third in the midriff. On closer inspection, evidence was uncovered revealing a total of nine shots. The police have opened an investigation into a suspected case of cruelty to animals.

All kidding aside, this is horrific. Whoever did this had to reload their single shot air rifle nine times, each time restraining an increasingly injured animal until they could take another shot. It's torture of something weaker to make themselves feel strong, something that had no chance to fight back effectively. It's sick, perverse even – in short, something like what I'd do to these bastards if I got my hands on them.


16 thoughts on “Kitty Shot Nine Times

  1. :insane:. That is just evil! :bomb:.:sst: most air pistols sold these days are of the semi-automatic CO2 variety. It's quite possible to fire nine pellets in rapid succession with them. :awww:.Having said that, it's still cruell and evil! :mad:.

  2. Strangely enough, there was a similar story in our local newspaper this morning, a three months old kitten shot with air-gun pellets. People are sick in the head. It is impossible for me to see how a simple, stupid cat can be a nuisance to anybody. If you want him off your ground you''d just throw a bucket of water at him, and you will never see him again. Everybody knows that.

  3. I tried a bucket of water with a certain Kitty and she released biological weapons into the Furtopian waves supply. :awww: It was probably the same story. I hope so anyway.It's been determined that this kitten was shot with an air rifle, which requires reloading between shots, not a pistol.

  4. That happens all the time.Yeah, it's sort of strange, we don't hear anything from the hierophants and gurus on this account. They are disturbingly silent. There is of course the Mayan callender people who think we're all in for it in 2012, but nothing wild or big. No riots in the streets or gatherings. Yet…

  5. The whole World is going crazy, man. All sorts of disasters, erathquakes, air plane crashes, and that frigging vulcano in Iceland that has spread cluds of glas – yes, glas! – into the air, forcing all air traffick to a full stop, strange eruptions on the surface of the Sun possibly coursing electromagnetic storms going our way, glaciers melting and what have you. Must influence people's heads too. I mean, if you are on the edge of a breakdown in one way or the other, these apocalyptic omens might be the tricker.

  6. Today I read in our newspapers that someone tied a dog (female german shepherd) for a tree with a wire and cut all of her legs with axe. And just left her there. Poor animal was alive when one woman found her and was very quiet and pieceful when veterinarians came to take her in hospital. She is recovering there now and society for protecting animals has promised to get her prosthesises and to try to find her a new home.Police is looking after suspect because who can do that to animal could be potentially dangerous for people, too.Bad day for animals…..

  7. I know some who'd call this the End of Days. Unfortunately I can't console myself like that and I'm just left with one horrific piece of information. People are fucked up.Depending on psychological states, yes I can see certain people reading this as signs of the end of the world, but not just those who're on the verge of mental illness or conditions. Those with devout and enigmatic faith systems are most at risk.

  8. I simply don't get why anyone want to be cruel to animals like that. I mean: Come on! What the hell has gone wrong in the head of the guy who shot the kitty that many times? Man… It just doesn't make any sense! :furious:

  9. It's about power. The people who do this want to feel powerful so they find something that is weaker than them and subjugate them. The more damage they do, the more powerful they feel.

  10. It's so weird a thought for me. I mean… "I want to feel powerful so I find a little cat to shoot"? – It doesn't really sound as something that'd work. But as mentioned, it's a weird world we're living in.

  11. That's not the actual thought process. It's like when a kid is bullying smaller kids in school, then you find out that he's getting the crap kicked out of him at home. The child is made to feel weak so he does the same to others so he can feel powerful. He usually wouldn't recognise that that's what he's doing but it's how the process goes. These stories are obviously more extreme, by more disturbed individuals, but the same core is there.

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