If you've been reading this page for a while you'll know my opinion on violent video games off by heart. So long as the violence is artistically justified by the plot of the game and the game is rated appropriately then there shouldn't be a problem. After all, video games fall under much more scrutiny than films of a similar rating do, and have far less violence or offensive content than equally rated cinematic entertainment. It's a parent's job to ensure that their child isn't exposed to either films or video games that have an age rating higher than their own child's level of maturity, and they can't keep blaming video game developers if they let their own child get hold of something rated for someone twice that age. Simple isn't it? Be a good parent and video games wont matter, whether they're violent or not. Oh, if only that simple bit of common sense could pull in sales of a newspaper as much as baseless "They're trying to turn our children into murderers!" claims do. Still, newspapers are slowly on their way out as a reporting medium and it's probably a good job too as this is what passes for journalism these days. Go on, click the link and have a read. I'll meet you back here in say, five minutes, to tell you where they went wrong in that story.

You're back? Good. Did you notice that they tried to sell the entire story by talking about Grand Theft Auto almost exclusively? Good old GTA. It's always the punching bag that newspapers pull out when they want to boost sales and point fingers at a new evil. You could say it's the heavy metal/video nasty/teenaged black male (depending on how far back you look) of today because it's always being blamed by the media for things it's not responsible for, usually using "evidence" that is nothing more than rumour-mongering. I could point out that the children are shown still shots from the game as part of an exercise to get them talking about the consequences of violence. I could also point out that the children aren't playing the game and the shots are chosen by a panel who ensure that the children don't see anything that is too shocking for their age group. However, I think it's best to point out one little fact. See the shot on the right of this paragraph of a card from the Get Real education programme, the shot that the news article has captioned "An image from Grand Theft Auto used in the Get Real education project", the only image the news article has to link this project and the Grand Theft Auto games? That's from a game called Manhunt which has nothing to do with GTA. Yeah, gotta admire the research that these journalists do when putting a story together.


22 thoughts on “Violence

  1. I hate journalism like that. It is like, they want the story to turn out that way, and then we'll make it be like that by manipulating! 🙄

  2. This will never stop. Before this, it was movies. People are so unwilling to believe that the people who commit actual violent crimes are fucked up in the head, they'll blame anything that's close enough. Fact is, kids shouldn't play violent games. And those with violent tendencies have them with or without outside stimuli.

  3. So which 'video game' is responsible for making slime that shoots kitties with pelets?.None? :left:.That's what I thought! :irked:.

  4. Seriously. Most of us probably research our posts more than most journalists research their stories. I know I've spent hours reading up on a subject that's periphery to a story I'm putting up just to ensure my spelling is correct. That's sometimes given me more information than I can fit in the post comfortably but put in the position where I can answer comments more confidently, and even lead to entirely new areas of interest. The interesting thing about violent videogames is that they've been proven to help curb the violent urges of people. I know that when I've had a really bad day and I'm at the stage where I'm ready to tip cars over with people in them because they honk their horns when I have right of way at a crossing, playing video games calms me down. It lets me release some of that frustration in ways that don't hurt anyone else. I'd call that a good thing.

  5. Hush, don't you know that all crime is society's fault and that the concept of personal responsibility is outdated? :rolleyes::p And that most journalists these days are pathetically shoddy and lazy when it comes to research…

  6. A similar thing applies with porn, apparently. Greater availability of porn is linked to a decrease in rape and other sex-related crimes.

  7. Why the whistle? Japan's rape rates according to the UN are very low and way below the world average of 0.1 per 100,000 (at 0.0177).Of course, South Africa leads the way by an absolute fucking mile at 1.2 per 1000…:eyes:

  8. Our insurance companies now sell, "rape insurance". :awww::cry:.I probably should have left the smiley out or chosen a different one in my last comment! :left:.

  9. Journalists would write whatever they need in order to have their story published – unfortunately. I know some of them are good in their profession but the rest of them just want to have etheir cut of money – like in a butchery.Or this is inappropriate comparation? :left:As for Japan. I felt more secure in some dark streets in Yokohama than in some parts of my own city :left:

  10. This reminded me of a story how a kid stabbed his cousin op brother because of a video game. How could the mother allow him to play such a violent game? Just look what happened! :insane:.They really should ban The Incredibles I tell you. 😡

  11. A "man" killed his newborn baby over here because it wouldn't stop crying while he was stuck on a level of that. The story got buried compared to anything containing violent videogames.

  12. Originally posted by Spaggyj:

    This will never stop. Before this, it was movies.

    And Before that it was comic books that were set to bring about the downfall of society by corrupting children. And rock and roll records were smashed at one stage for the same reason. There'll always be something that outrages one generation that the next will have accepted by the time it's their turn to be outraged, I suspect.

  13. I'm regularly outraged by them. I remember a documentary on TV once that showed old people vandalising a phone booth. I think it was ironically titled The Young Ones.

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