I Saw The Earth Explode

On March 20th a volcano in Iceland began erupting over the course of several weeks, eventually sending a twenty thousand feet high cloud of ash up last week. That ash was the cause of most airports in Europe being shut down and the entire event has been recognised by some as a sign of the End Days. For John Beatty, a 58 year old freelance photographer who was in Iceland taking photos for a clothing company's ad campaign at the foot of Eyjafjallajoekull, it was the chance to take the photos that would define his career. This is his story:

"I saw the earth explode. Being that close was frightening but an incredible experience. I specialise in photographing wild, natural places, but an active volcano is one of the rarest and finest sights in the natural world. There were scarlet, yellow and pink pools with pulsating lava being hurled five hundred feet into the air, and the volcano was showering rock across the surrounding ash and ice.

"When I was close to the lava I got a sharp, foul taste at the back of my mouth, which told me the air was poisonous. We stayed close for only ten minutes at a time. Any longer and we would have collapsed from lack of oxygen. I very much regret not being able to see the secondary explosion although, of course I was relieved to have been able to get home."


27 thoughts on “I Saw The Earth Explode

  1. How's that 17 letter name is pronounced? Btw, I wish for the safety of my friends who live in that part of the world.

  2. Beautifull photo's! :up:.Glad I'm far away from it though. :left:.I think it's a bit too early for the end days still. But that's just my opinion. :up:.

  3. He got a job doing photographs for a rugged outdoor clothing range and then this happened during the photoshoot. How freaking awesome will those adverts be. :yes:

  4. A nice little 20.000 feet high remark how powerful the top of creation is indeed. The German chancellor came from the US, landed in Portugal instead of Berlin, headed for Milano to be re-directed to Rome, travelled by bus to Bozena where the tire crashed and had to stay there in a hotel overnight.

  5. It's a tent he's meant to be photographing in a way that reflects its ability to provide shelter in the harshest conditions. :left:

  6. :doh:. I meant 'lava', not 'larvae'. :lol:. Damn, I've been online too long and I'm forgetting how to spell! :doh:.

  7. I've always hated that. I don't want that much attention on my blog. It always felt a meteor orbiting that could hit at any time.

  8. Member Of The Week thinks spelling isn't important with his new status. What say we teach him a lesson? ๐Ÿ˜ก

  9. Do what I do. Make it clear that you don't want it and have no problem posting animal porn to celebrate on the day you're picked. :up: A lot of us don't want it, especially after seeing the quality of sucking up that goes on from some members to the winners (something Aadil stylishly forbade in his post about it). The comments on those frontpage posts are always "Look at me. Choose me next." as well rather than focussing on the winner. I'd much prefer the system if they put a badge on someone's blog once a week to let that person and their visitors know they'd been picked, with no frontpage post. It'd be a nicely understated, more personal and much more classy affair that way. Having said that I did give that weeks Member Of The Week title away once in a competition on this page. ๐Ÿ˜†

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