I've been thinking a lot over the past couple of months about intolerance. As you know if you read this page often it's a subject I touch on quite often from one angle or another. That's because I regularly see examples of it and it's something I'm rather ironically not prepared to tolerate…

I always find religious intolerance the most interesting. Did you know that I've been told by two Christians in the past five years that a paedophile who rapes children but believes in Jesus will go to heaven while a man who does good things, always helps people and believes in God but not that Jesus was his son wont get any access to paradise if they happen to be wrong. Can you believe that these people would rather spend eternity with baby-raping scumbags than people that don't share the exact same beliefs as them? It's ridiculous. I remember during the Iraq war one of the guys, who later told me that, was watching the news report about how many Iraqis had died in bombing raids. He turned to me and, in all seriousness, said "They're gonna get a shock where they're going." I was totally disgusted, and the conversation soon turned to his beliefs and how he's trying to artificially impose them on others. He just couldn't see that when he dies he might be the one getting the shock, not them, or even how horrific it was that he'd think that about others while counting himself as a good person.

One can only think of the Westboro Baptist Church when reading this strip. Members of that church were protesting outside the University of South Florida today, holding up signs that said "God Hates Jews". Members of the same church were also protesting outside of a Bon Jovi concert in Tampa over the weekend. The signs then read that "God Hates Fags" and "America Is The Devil's Playground". One has to wonder if the people who attend these protests and make these signs ever once stop to think why their God who loves everyone is so determined to turn them into instruments of his hate. How is it that an ever-loving God would want these people to go out there spreading hatred and intolerance so vehemently? It's almost like someone else has come in and perverted the word of God with their own political agenda and bigotries.

Next time you think you're following the literal word of God, stop and think how many times that word has been changed over the years and how many people have added their own slant to it, their own perversions. Stop and think about a God who loves all people regardless of how they live their lives, and ask yourself if that deity would really want you to do this sort of thing to other people. If the answer is no then spread that word to others who you've seen fall into the same traps you have. If the answer is yes then the religion you subscribe to is a lie you're telling yourself. This is the new Word, the Gospel according to Furie.


21 thoughts on “Gospel

  1. I just can't abide organized religion. Each one wants to put their own spin on things. And how well did the Crusades or the Inquisition work out? Could go on and on but I'll stop at that.

  2. Believe me, I live in a country that once was a part of bigger one. Then civil war started and people, divided by nationalities and religion (Islam, Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity) gave their best to exterminate the others.Now again, we are all tolerant and respectful toward other religions and nationalities. More or less…

  3. It is not the religion that is wrong. It`s the people who are spreading it. In its core, every religion is good.

  4. Technically I'm a mix of religions. Baptised and confirmed Greek Orthodox…all the rest Roman Catholic. Really can't see much of a difference. Consider myself Christian but would rather be that way on a daily basis than stand in a church once a week. I've posted this quote elsewhere…"Standing in church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car."

  5. Have another old Furie family saying: "A man that helps another in any way, is closer to God than a man that prays in church every Sunday."

  6. " I was totally disgusted, and the conversation soon turned to his beliefs and how he's trying to artificially impose them on others."*shakes head*If there is God,He shakes His head too!No human that changes the life of a child should live … And I am always against the Capital punishment. Except when innocent kids/disable people are brutally tested in their lives by monsters! and I do not care if they are priests or Saints. The idea of God it was and it is still twisted accordingly to the personal believes and ego of some individuals.Lets call them "leaders," before you know it, they have followers, and religion is just an excuse for them to spread distraction :down:

  7. Good post! Logical, rational … the people who mindlessly follow their dogma won't understand it … but good post! Logical, rational …

  8. The Westboro Baptist Church is pretty notorious – they seem to hate just about anyone. But it's mostly just Fred Phelps and his family running it – they're not like any Baptists i've ever known. But i've not met any Christians like the ones in your first paragraph either.

  9. Originally posted by fammcdon:

    "Standing in church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car."


  10. :happy: This is kinda out of place but me and Mik are very similar in our views and sometimes that causes us to "butt heads" but I also thlnk that leads to a further enhancement for each of us as a person. Thank you, Mik.

  11. More and more I find myself, a devout atheist, acting as a warrior of God and fighting against the personal perversions brought into faith by organised religion. The irony would be delicious if it were someone else.Phelps and his ilk were the ones who used soldiers funerals to protest a couple of years ago I believe. Absolutely unforgivable. Those men have died and are finally being put to rest. To violate that is disgusting.

  12. Each wavers over the course of a lifetime. Don't think we ever get settled. Probably won't know until we die.

  13. If there's something that can really get people fighting, it's politics and religion. What creeps me out the most and what I understand the least is when people kill in the name of God. That just doesn't make any sense in my head. Good post! :up:

  14. I'll second that. Two of the things I never talk about with others as poking people by taking the opposite side of their views no matter what they are is so much fun and something I just can't resist.This must be the reason I have only online friends. :awww:

  15. I saw a documentary about that cult. At least I think it was them. Absolutely mind boggling, to say the least. Oh, I love the garage/car metaphor!

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