The True Tale Of Healthy Living

Are you sitting comfortably, children? Then I’ll begin…

Once upon a time there was a man called Jim and a man called Jerome. Jim was an athlete and Jerome was a farmer. Both told many people how good their lives were, and how they should live the same sort of life. People listened to them and they all lived happily ever after. Wasn’t that a lovely story children? It’s a true story too. Well, almost true. After all, real life doesn’t have quite as many happy endings as fairy tales.

Jim Fixx was an athlete who started the jogging craze in the seventies with his bestselling “Complete Book Of Running”. What Jim didn’t realise at the time is that one of his coronary arteries was almost completely blocked, one was 80% blocked and another was 70% blocked. So, when he decided to go out for a jog he died of a massive coronary event after not going far at all. An autopsy showed Fixx had suffered from at least three previous heart attacks in the preceding weeks.

Jerome Rodale was the founder of Rodale Press and the creator of “Organic Farming and Gardening”, the magazine which started the craze for organic food. During an interview on the Dick Cavett Show, Jerome bragged that he’d live until he was a hundred years old thanks to his organic food diet. Then he had a heart attack and died in his chair before the interview could be completed and the show was never aired.

Before people started sugar coating fables with happy endings that made them more palatable to children, these stories were based on true events and constructed so that they’d carry a message to people. In this case the message is clear – healthy living kills.


23 thoughts on “The True Tale Of Healthy Living

  1. Originally posted by Gavin:

    Life kills. But healthy looking people get laid. So I've heard. :left:

    You've heard wrong…

  2. There are too many influences in a modern world and they all should be counted. But it is hard.My grandpa is 80 years old. He never practiced any sport, ate a greasy food (bacon is still one of his favourites), smoked cigarettes for over 40 years and stopped when asthma became a danger to his life. But the main reason he is still alive is that he was never too nervous and angry about things in life – he would usually say: Everything will go eventually….My grandma died last years after the complications and cancer that grew in her hip after she broke it two years ago. Before that, she ate greasy food, never practiced any sports and was among most nervous persons I ever knew. She had high blood pressure and angina pectoris for over 30 years. But she liked to work in her garden and vineyard, along with my grandpa and that was what probably kept her so long. She would always say: There is no death until the judgment day….So, there is no universal solution to longevity. We all have something special for everyone of us; or just need to find it.Now pass that grilled cow, I want a piece of it. Or two :chef:

  3. The only thing in life that you can be sure of is, that you'll pass away eventually. There are always examples of someone who died early despite a healthy life. But there are more examples of the opposite. So anyway – just remember to enjoy life while you still have it. :up:

  4. There's a raw one for you there, just the way you like it. :rolleyes:. The cow is big enough for everyone. :p.

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