Of Wolf And Brat

I've been thinking about werewolves.

More specifically the werewolves in the predominantly vampire-focussed Twilight saga and their effect on the emotionally insecure teenagers who identify with the characters in this recent pop culture hit about a high school girl with no self esteem and the ninety year old guy who wants to date her. What? You've never thought of the story that way before? Bah, and you call yourself a fan. Anyway, back to the true life story which I'm trying to tell you and which is set in San Antonio, Texas. It appears that students in the John Marshall High School these have started a group dedicated to being one of the werewolf pack from Twilight.

"We're not a gang at all. Gangs are posers. They just want attention. The pack, like, we're a family and we go to each other for our problems." said pack member Katze Lupus Burn without a trace of irony about her name change. She gave the interview about her pack while wearing the pack uniform of lupine contact lenses, plastic fangs and a tail stitched into the back of her trousers, showing everyone the difference between posers who are looking for attention and her pack. Another pack member asserted "We're not to be feared." when questioned about the reputation the pack was gaining. As the skull of a dog that had gone missing was found in the possession of the pack leader, alpha wolf Wolfie Blackheart (seriously, these names are like a ten year old's comic book) I'd hate to see what he thinks should be feared. After all, we all know animal mutilation is one of the signs of future serial killers.

Now I realise that by writing this I'm giving these children werewolves the attention that they obviously don't want. I mean the uniforms and name changes blatantly point out that they hate attention being drawn to themselves, and that is such a rare thing in a teenager these days. Usually they'll hook onto anything they can to try and make themselves both fit in and stand out at the same time. Yes, I realise that I'm drawing undue attention to them and their mature way to hang out with friends and deal with their problems, but it's just too good a story to miss out on. In fact, I'd have to be, wait for it, howling mad not to write it up.


40 thoughts on “Of Wolf And Brat

  1. Never go Googly, it's the dance of evil. :insane: Anyway, I rarely source because so many things shut down easily and I'll find myself with over a hundred dead links again. Took me forever to get rid of those. :(.Yep, I only made the post for that last line. :headbang: I was considering adding the video to Hungry Like The Wolf as a Duran Duran Roll…

  2. In Latin, "brevis" is short, actually. I wanted to add "short tail" to his name but on line translator kept saying it is "brevis penis" :doh: πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  3. :lol:The article Yarrow Googled is all kinds of fun! :up:

    The fascination with werewolves dates back to the 19-30's …

    Uh … it's actually been going on for a lot longer than that (and I wouldn't call it a 'fascination'). According to this Fortean Times article …

    For most of recorded history, the half-man, half-wolf lycanthrope reigned supreme as the creature travellers most feared encountering in the woods and along dark roads at night. Numerous legends concerned werewolves – the awful deeds they committed, how to protect against them, how to kill them – and belief in their reality can be found in many cultures from ancient times to the present.

    Continuing from the KENS 5 Article:

    "You get friends. You get a place where you belong. You're pretty much accepted to where you are, who you are, what you are," said Deikitsen Wolfram Lupus, the unofficial leader of the pack at Brandeis High.

    Yeah … so long as you whack a pair of expensive tailored contact lenses, some plastic novelty teeth and a tail on yourself! But it's a good thing they've got each other to lean on … at least then they have a support group for when the rest of the school mercilessly teases and bullies them for liking Twilight! πŸ˜†

    "I don't believe anyone is just human. Everyone's got something else mixed in with them. They just have to look inside themselves and find out what it is."

    Oh, just wait until they start studying genetics in science. The school counsellor is gonna have a lot of very disillusioned little puppies yapping at him that day …The person who had the missing dog's skull (who should be watched very carefully) aside, some of the actual comments from that article are unnerving!

    jedimasterrevan said on May 28, 2010 at 1:21 AMJudge a Jedi or a Sith for carrying around their lightsaber. We aren't any different from the Wolf Packs or Vampire Covens. We're just people, supernatural people yes, but people none the less, and we should be treated just the same, not any different like we're outcasts of society.

    sinny said on May 28, 2010 at 12:02 AMits cool how this wolf pack made the news im from ca nad the wolf pack at our school is constantly harrassed and were made to give up their tales or ears with the excuse that its a sexual distraction my friend got suspended after getting harrased by two students infront of an assistant principle people shouldnt be judged by how they are and adults shouldnt judge from the attire o.o

    A sexual distraction? What the … ?!I'm all for people who want to be themselves. Seriously. But (for all the would-be werewolves who may find this article and start growling), as Mik says, they say they don't want attention, when they're clearly doing this:It's hypocritical, puppies! Which is why people are giving you shit for it! Well, not the only reason, but …

  4. WTF?? Why am I always getting pulled into these things? :insane:.And like all little fads things will die down eventually.Did I mention the Twiligt Saga is shite? Apparently when you say something like "wurmbollie" [wormshit] underneath someone's status update on Facebook your opinion is not appreciated. πŸ™„

  5. I went into a Borders not long back. They had a display of Twilight (I think it was the 2nd novel, I didn't pay that much attention) about 15 books wide, 6 books down and about three or four books deep in the Fantasy section …… then in the New Fiction section …… and the Young Adult section …… and the Science Fiction (!) section …(Someone ordered a few too many, methinks. Either that, or head office overanticipated the book's popularity … :doh: ).

  6. It could all be worse. I am quite sure that it could be worse. Silver price could be e.g. much cheaper enabling blokes to make silver bullets which are known as best tool for the werewolf hunt and killing these kiddies before they get behind their juvenile fixation.

  7. Silver's actually a myth. The original tales that mention silver had a silver crucifix being melted down and used against them. This is a holdover from when people used to think werewolves and vampires were the same thing.Clint, you get dragged into it cause you have a short tail. :left:.Attention whoring while saying they hate the attention. Anyone'd think they're online. πŸ˜†

  8. Not a gang, but a pack. Don't want to be feared, but wear false fangs. Don't want attention but attach a tail …? Years from now they may look back and say to themselves: What the hell were we doing back then!? :lol:I loved the pun BTW! πŸ˜€

  9. *sucks the last of Dennis's spine marrow out through a straw as he ever so gingerly squats on the still warm corpse*

  10. Viagra stripes would be blue. The yellow highlights indicate the important parts: the head and the loins, for obvious reasons. :p

  11. WintyrWolf writes:the packs are at least keepin them from going homicidal (at the moment at least) and they arent doin things like vandalism. otherwise thats the only good thing about them. im a wolf (as they claim to be) but i dont go around with a tail, contacts or fangs and advertise it. being like that isn't something that everyone should know…only your closest friends and family.

  12. I've never been part of a 'pack', yet I've somehow managed to not once in my life vandalize anything, nor (so far, at least :whistle: ) commit homicide. ;)Finding somewhere to 'belong' (a 'pack' so to speak) is all well and good, but this sort of thing seems to be based on a mutual 'need to belong' and based on acceptance of the persona you've adopted, as opposed to mutual acceptance of yourself by others (and vice versa). In other words, you are likely to be someone uncomfortable with who they really are (whether justified or no), so you create a persona to act as a barrier between you and the world (even if it's a secret one). Billy Joel did a song about that sort of thing once.The thing is, once the real you starts peeping out behind the mask, the others who like you only for the mask may start to withdraw. Fear not, though, for you'll find people who like you for who you really are (sans persona), and they're the keepers. * ends comment with some sort of 'doggy style' joke just to keep up his persona reputation as a cynical nonchalant ol' so and so intact *

  13. smotti blackheart writes:have you ever thought that maybe there's people out there that don't want to dress, think, speak, and act like you do? just because you think something is weird doesn't give you the right to talk shit about it. the world doesn't revolve around you. and twilight has absoloutley nothing to do with wolf packs, wolf packs have been around way longer than twilight, teen wolf, and whatever the hell else is out there. wolfie blackheart didn't harm a soul. no, she's not mental ill and she's a hero for going through hell thanks to nim rods like you, being accussed of decapitating a dog for the fun of it. she's probably gone through so much dealing with the media and the law, all while being nothing more than an innocent teen. if you had to under go what she went through, you'd brake. like a toothpick holding the weight of the world. you should be ashamed.

  14. Nimrod is a single word. Brake is something you do to stop a car. Try "break" instead. A full stop is rarely used to signify a short pause in a continuing sentence – try a comma instead. Finally, the world does revolve around me (ask "absoloutley" anyone).Yes, wolf packs have been around for a lot longer than television shows about werewolves, and a lot longer than The Hangover too (like Wintrywolf I have been part of one), but you're obviously missing the point. These children have stylised themselves after the ones on such shows, dressing in a recognised uniform (ironically to express their individuality) that sets them apart from other cliques but identifies them as part of their own, yet have completely missed the fact that they themselves are posing even more than the other cliques.As for the leader of this pack… When you're found with the skinned and cleaned skull of a dog and it can be readily identified as one that went missing from the local area, people are going to talk about you no matter what you wear. Nowhere did I say that he'd killed the dog; I simply reported the fact that it had been found in his possession.And finally, a message from those of us who are older and wiser. There are people here who've been on both ends of alcohol and drug abuse. There are people here who have been abused by parents both mentally and physically. There are people who suffer from crippling mental illness ranging from body dysmorphic and eating disorders through obsessive compulsive disorder and all the way up to complete and paralysing agoraphobia. There are people who have grown up the "wrong colour" in some of the most racist regimes in history. Every one of us has at some point felt that the world would break if they had to go through what we've been through and every single one of us has been humbled when we've learned what others have been through that would break us. You'll know you're actually a grown up when you realise that other people are just as strong and just as messed up as you are and stop talking about how other people couldn't handle what you or yours have been through.Now, for the record, if you come back here I'll be happy to change any parts of the article if you can provide me with information that is inaccurate here. Any facts beyond names and dates will need proof of course, and a photo of the pack would be appreciated. What I wont change is the fact that the names chosen are really childish as is the assertion that we who scoff don't understand completely what you're going through and are partly laughing at how stupid we were at that age too.

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