So, I've been playing Red Dead Redemption recently and I've got to say it's a hell of a game, a shining example of what sandbox gaming should be. Just completed it once (44 hours, 52 minutes and 45 seconds of gametime without retrying missions for gold medals) and I've already started again. I'm currently playing a minimalist game where I don't buy any of the extra items which help me carry more ammunition or get extra cash from looting dead bodies, and the difference is making me live in the world a bit more so that I can afford to stock up on items before missions. As such I've been getting more into the gambling minigames than I was when I first played the game and last night I was playing Horseshoes.

Now, if you've never played Horseshoes the clue is in the name. Each player has two horseshoes and stands a set distance away from a pole which they then throw the horseshoes at. The player with the closest horseshoe gets one point, if a player has both of his shoes closer than anyone elses then they get two points, and if they get a "ringer" where the horseshoe hooks on the pole then that is worth three points. The first player who amasses a set amount of points wins. Simple eh? Yeah, it would be if it weren't me playing and defying the law of physics. You see, they don't have a specific score for doing this…


28 thoughts on “Horseshoes

  1. That would be my second horseshoe not only getting a ringer but knocking that first one down as a ringer too. :norris:

  2. * florbs onto the floor in a steaming puddle until his healing factor can regrow his skeleton; makes disturbing noises; bluahh bluahhgh bluahh bluahhgh; gives people nightmares *

  3. I've decided to get my hands on Red Dead Redemption, but since I don't know the Red Dead series, I guess I should get a copy of Red Dead Revolver first and try that out. Looks good. A game completed in under 50 hours by a skilled gamer – that's okay I guess. But this being a sandbox game, there's always more to discover.

  4. Revolver and Redemption stand alone from each other. You don't need one to enjoy or understand the other. :norris:

  5. Like the GTA series, then. Okay. Thanks. Now, I have to find the money. Guess, I'll rob a bank or a train or something.

  6. Got the game. I'm gettin pretty good with the Five Finger Fillet. Also finally found out how to deal from the bottom of the deck without having to shoot somebody in the street every time. Oh, and have by the way completed 34% of the game in 18 hours.

  7. Enjoying the world eh? Five finger fillet drove me mad at first. I just couldn't do it and Kim did it on my first game for the item. Second game I nailed it first time, typically.

  8. I'm so glad you're talking about a computer game! :insane:.*imagines Kimmie playing Five Finger Fillet for real on Mik's hand*

  9. Wait til you have to take down cougars and bears with the knife. Oh, and the ending is likely to piss you off.I tried the original AC but couldn't get into it. Waiting for the second to go down after some recommendations from people who also didn't enjoy the original.

  10. I like it. Thanks for recommending. Some time next week Assassins Creed II will be in my mail. I liked the first one very much. More stealth and strategics than in Read Dead. Better story too. But I like senõr Marston a lot. And killing wolfes with the knife only is so cool.

  11. Game endings usually are dissapointing, but that goes for endings gallore – film endings and book endings as well. For some reason or the other authors have a way of spoiling a perfectly good story by making a shitty end. I've gotten used to that.

  12. PS: Well, I sort of anticipated a 'blaze of glory' ending to the Marston Epic, but the epilogue? I don't get it. All in all a fairly good game. Very aestetic graphics.

  13. Epilogue needs you to go to Blackwater and look for a stranger. While there try to cut a certain someone's tongue out so he doesn't annoy you with his constant yips.

  14. I just don't see the reason for that son's revenge thing. Unless it is some form of moraliistic lecture in how the vendetta concept will ruin people's lifes. Marston Senior only killed about 200 people, almost all of them in self defense. Is that so bad?:D

  15. They should have taken the brave route (because people would whine) and left it at the graves, not allowing the player to continue the game. Some of the things only available at the end could then have been brought forward for more to do during the story. That way we get the impact of Jack not living up to his potential and parent's hopes without adding a ho-hum life goes on theme.

  16. I actually have something coming up about sandbox games, specifically the open world ones – one of my trademarked wall of text rant/suggestion posts. The short version is that I'm not impressed in general.

  17. Somehow anti-climax endings seem to be very fashionable these days, combined with the hero having conflicts with his own self image. The conflict between past and present, and the development of the contextual invironment – in Red Dead symbolized by technology: the telephone, the railways, the motorcar, and 'that invention which can make people fly… like angels', as opposed to the six gun rural way of the 'old west'. They managed to get some politics in there as well. That part I have to give them credits for, because it is quite elegantly made, with the 'governmental bureau' and that. I don't know about the Mexicans. Rather stereotypical, I think.Overall review: a nice game, which I enjoyed and will return to.PS: Just got my hands on Assassin's Creed II, which seems to bring the open world concept a bit further. There will be actually different endings depending on the choices you make.

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