The Little Thief

Catbird is an accessories chain in the States and they recently had a bout of shoplifting at their Williamsburg store. Later on the shoplifter, a seven year old girl, returned to the scene of the crime and tearfully handed over this letter along with the stolen item.

Dear Catbird people,
Sorry I took the locket. My sister said what is a good Mother's Day gift that day I thought that the locket would be a great present so I picked one and I didn't known that they cost anything so I put it in my pocket.
Senceryley, Des.

Sometimes, just sometimes, you'll find something that restores your faith in humanity, and lets you know that some parents are still raising their children the right way.


28 thoughts on “The Little Thief

  1. So, this is the first time she stole something? Maybe she got a thrill from it, then experienced non-buyers remorse. :sherlock:

  2. Dammit, why can't parents teach their kids how to write properly! Spelling has completely gone down the drain! And that penmanship! What sort of a job are the parents doing if …… oh, wait … šŸ˜‰

  3. Didn't you make a post about seeing the good rather than the bad?Seems the eye only sees the negative as we're so comfortable with it.

  4. Originally posted by Dennis:

    It's Kimmie posting, with a wig on.

    And the image of that just spoiled the awww-moment! šŸ˜€

  5. This would be cuter if I hadn't seen a 26-year-old man do that exact 'spelling' of sincerely in an email a week ago :ko:

  6. "Please Sir, can I have an A+?" :whistle:.Our government loved it so much they decided to implement a similar system here. :irked:.

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