Berthold Thoma – So Long And Thanks For All The Data

I've just updated my e-mail for the first time today and found some awful news.

This morning the mobile world lost a true visionary as Berthold Thoma succumbed to a currently unknown illness and died. Thoma may not have been responsible for the flashy handsets that so many of us drool over (and, as such, has probably never been heard of by many of you) but, as the CEO of the Hutchinson group, he was dedicated to something much more important – affordable data prices for all. His dream of everyone being able to afford mobile web services was enacted as soon as he took control of the group in 2002 and has been driving data prices down around the world since then as other networks try to keep up or beat the precedent set by him. He'll be missed by many and whoever takes his position has some big shoes to fill.

R.I.P. Berthold


11 thoughts on “Berthold Thoma – So Long And Thanks For All The Data

  1. Never know about him but hopefully there will be more people like him – to share the same goal as he did. I am not that dependable on mobile services but I know there are a lot of you people who do, so hopefully one day it won`t be a privilege of the few, just because of money….

  2. Hopefully his successor/s will have the same goals in mind, not just because people want affordable access, but because such visionaries are the way humanity moves forward. I.E., Imagine if everyone, everywhere, regardless of income, geography or class had access to the Internet for education, access to higher learning, unbiased news sources to keep them informed, etc.

  3. There'll always be someone to piss on that parade, David. My local newspaper has become entwined with the local cable company. Now only Cablevision customers can access . For that they deserve their own page on, as in 6 months only 36 people signed up @ $20/ mo. The website cost more than a million dollars to design… 😑 I'll not even touch on the hoops that Google and Opera had to jump through to stay in China. πŸ™„

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