New Xbox 360 – Slim And Sexy

This sexy little beastie is the Xbox 360 Slim that is thought to be one of the big announcements at Microsoft's E3 presentation in the evening of the 14th of June. I've gotta admit, it's absolutely gorgeous and brings the aesthetics of the now five year old console more in line with it's competitors. Our insurance has almost run out on our current Xbox 360 and, typically, it's started playing up recently. I have a sneaking suspicion that the console will break the day after the insurance runs out but, with something like this to upgrade to, I'm not really all that bothered.

  • Touch sensitive buttons for on/off and eject
  • 360's usual twin fan has been replaced with one large fan making it "whisper quiet"
  • Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
  • 250GB internal drive (removable hard drives from previous models can have data transferred via USB)
  • Smaller, more efficient power supply
  • Optical audio our port integrated on back of console for AV system connection

I'm not entirely happy with the idea of an integrated hard drive as I use my console a lot and they wear out quickly. Still, with most data backed up online and the ability to use external USB sticks for save games, it might not be as much of a problem as I think it will.

The Xbox 360 Slim will be in shops by the end of the week and will cost as much as a current Xbox 360.


13 thoughts on “New Xbox 360 – Slim And Sexy

  1. Interesting. :sherlock:. But isn't that hard drive a tad bit tiny in this day and age? :eyes:.I've seen netbooks with bigger hard drives. :left:.Can the hard drive be upgraded to a bigger one? What's the bottom line on this console? Is it worth getting for someone like me who only plays games maybe once in six months? :left:.

  2. Well, gameplay is everything!. But that depends more on the software developers than than on the console makers doesn't it? :left:.

  3. I love Microsoft the way you love Apple. But besides that, I think that both Sony and the inoperative system maker have gone down a blind alley in their pursuit of ever-better graphics; in the end, gameplay means so much more, so, GO WII! I'm holding out for the Dreamcast 2. Any day now…

  4. So, it'll install max of 50 games then. :cool:.I suppose that there aren't that many games that the average person would run out of space then. :up:.

  5. The hard drive is used to install games so the disc doesn't wear out so quickly, put music on, save games and download rented movies to. It's a perfectly big enough size considering single disc games rarely take more via 6.5GB.

  6. Perhaps that's why it was Nintendo that made the break with traditional controllers. I can't remember, did Sony have vibrating controllers before Sega?

  7. Nintendo had vibrating controllers first if I remember correctly. And yes, the Dreamcast was absolutely brilliant. Shame it was released too early.I'm not a fan of Microsoft myself, but with a games console you buy based on the games you'll be playing not the brand. Last generation Sony and Nintendo had my money despite Microsoft being technically superior. This generation Microsoft gets it because it has the majority of the games I want, despite Sony have technical superiority.For storage it all depends on the games. I've got a couple that are barely over a single gigabyte. Kim's Guitar Hero games are around 4GB. Then you've got multi-disc epics which can be 20GB in some cases. The Xbox live arcade downloadables are even smaller, weighing in from only a few megabytes up to a gigabyte maximum size.

  8. It's sexier than the PS3 Slim, thats for sure. I consider swapping my Slim 250 back to the conventional PS3, just because I'm getting tired of looking at it. To this point I have yet to discover what is so big about this slim thing.

  9. And look what just got announced by Microsoft less than five minutes ago.Built in Wi-fi. Guess who's pissed off that he bought the seperate wi-fi connector now…

  10. The question is, for me, are they bringing out something with more power soon? The PC isn't getting the full benefit of all its power now as developers are keeping the graphics to something the consoles (especially XBox) can handle.Not that i'm that bothered about graphics – improvements from now on are more incremental than revolutionary.

  11. This generation is supposed to last ten years so that developers can really get used to the consoles and start releasing quality games for them. We're only halfway through that. The only extra power these guys are looking at is 3D television compatibility, which is a bit cheeky if you ask me.

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