Silicon Heaven – Where All The Calculators Go

For years now people have been recycling mobile phones, usually both unaware and uncaring about what happens to the phone after they've sealed it in the provided envelope and been paid for it. Most of you probably don't know that phones go to two places – some are reconditioned and sold for a premium in countries that don't get the latest phones due to lower economies with less disposable income, while others are taken apart and the materials mostly recycled. Of course, while selling older phones brings in quite a bit of profit for these companies, recycling the ones that can't be sold on again is rarely a profitable venture. The thing is, mobile phone companies have been expanding their territories steadily for years and pushing into low economic areas with budget models. This has taken a hefty slice of the profit the phone recycling companies used to make from selling reconditioned phones and left them with more models that need to be broken down and recycled, making them start to explore new avenues for turning a profit.

The little beast on the left stands in a large town square in Cluj, Romania. It was commissioned by the Planet Report Environmental Film Festival as part of a project where artists would make sculptures from waste materials. This gigantic Nokia immobile is made from dozens of old mobiles, as well as computer parts, calculators and other recycled technology. It's also awesome.


12 thoughts on “Silicon Heaven – Where All The Calculators Go

  1. I sense a massive disturbance in the network, like billions of phones rang out all at once then were silenced.

  2. I bought a new battery today for $20 from Nokia Care. The old one had swollen, couldn't give even 5min battery time. The shopkeeper told me to take the old battery home, but there was a recycle bin provided by the company. I put the old battery into it and returned home. What had I to do with that toxic waste anymore? Many people in India don't know yet what to do with electronic waste.

  3. Dear Nokia UserWe stumbled across a sort of recording while we were reconditioning your mobile unit. He says that he belongs to someone named Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you know what he's talking about? Nokia Europe

  4. 😎 :insane: that looks like my first brick Nokia! With size to boot! 😆 :sst: I think it still lives today. . :eyes:

  5. Talking about old batteries, our two-way radios at work are still supplied with nickle cadmium batteries. Despite the fact the the same model radio is sold with lithium ion batteries by default. :rolleyes:.Nice phone btw. :up:.

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