Bang, You’re Suspended – A Tale Of Terrorism

Terrorism is an increasingly overused word as the idea that anything that deliberately scares another about bodily harm is a terroristic threat has spread. Yeah, they called that bullying when I was a kid. Now it seems that even non-deliberate acts can be labelled terrorism. Witness Taylor Trostle, the thirteen year old girl who got suspended from her New York city school for a terrorist threat towards her Maths teacher. According to the school's policies, a terroristic threat is on the same level as assault, public lewdness, and selling drugs in the school. Anyone who commits such an act gets an instant suspension and a mark on their permanent record.

You want to know what she did now, don't you? Yeah, I thought so. Taylor and her friends were playing around in the last few minutes of the last class of the day. Taylor, who was wearing a t-shirt with an NYPD logo, was shooting her friends as imaginary criminals. As she pointed the gun (made out of closing your fist then pointing two fingers) in the direction of her teacher, the teacher turned from the board. She was immediately sent to the Principal's office and suspended for three days. Bit extreme eh? I mean who hasn't done something like that to a teacher, probably with a lot more intended malice, at some point? Who hasn't sat down and made plans on the back of homework for the most efficient way to go through your high school and take out the teachers with automatic weaponry? It's a natural part of growing up.


24 thoughts on “Bang, You’re Suspended – A Tale Of Terrorism

  1. I need to suspended forever. :insane: in some part of my life I used the double handgun click as a greeting. :doh: dork

  2. In order to maintain stability society has to suppress any sign of revolutionary behaviour or intent by any means necessary. The new terrorism acts that most Western nations have agreed on are a very apt remedy for this cause.You gotta kill it before it grows…:left: :right: :whistle:

  3. I'm sure they're working on how to get into mind control as well…:sing: "We dont need no thought controlNo dark sarcasm in the classroom…" :sing:

  4. Shit! I've done worse than that at work, for God's Furie's sake! I regularly tell everyone that the day of the AK is coming. That's when I totally lose it and come in with an AK-47, and cop-killer bullets – with peoples names engraved on them! :eyes: :zip:

  5. A sensible teacher would have joined in with the spirit of it and done an exaggerated death scene 😀 Or possibly pretended to dodge and then return 'fire'. Anything but behave like the total prick this one did :bomb:

  6. I worked under an editor once who used to sign letters with The Hangman drawing. I take it you know it. It is sort of a traditioal way of telling someone, that a deadline is approaching. First letter is signed with the hill, next letter is signed with the hill and the gallow; third letter depicts the hill, the gallow and the noose, and the fourth and last has the whole picture: hill, gallow, noose and the hanged man.Should I have called the police?

  7. "Shit! I've done worse than that at work, for God's Furie's sake! I regularly tell everyone that the day of the AK is coming. That's when I totally lose it and come in with an AK-47, and cop-killer bullets – with peoples names engraved on them!"Cop-killer bullets are new to me, I wanted to use the cheap, normal ones on my own day of the AK.

  8. In Denmark we just got a new adjustment of the weapon's act. It is now illegal to even have a hobby knife in your car. There have already been two or three cases with craftsmen, who incidently left their tool knifes in the car and was stopped somewhere in town after dark; the police searched their cars and found hobby knifes, stanley knifes and other very dangerous weapons, and they where charged. Fortunately the judges find this new law rediculous and are now only issuing minor fines, and the misdemeanor will not be marked on the criminal record.I guess, I should leave my hobby knife at home, then.

  9. Isn't it meant to be law to keep a knife and an emergency hammer in your car? :confused:. What happens when you see an accident, a car catches fire and the occupants are trapped by their seatbelts? :left:.

  10. Originally posted by Furie:

    What the hell's your hobby?

    I'm an enthusiastic hobby brain surgeon… Obviously…:devil: I am a highly skilled rock'n'roll drummer, which means I am in incredibly good physical shape and posess detailed theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the subject of beating on things with other things. With a throw of my arm I can produce a force equalling a pressure of 98 kilos per square centimeter. It only takes a pressure of 2 kilos per square centimeter to fracture a human skull. Should I stay home or only walk the streets acompanied by security guards? How about boxers, wrestlers or karate practitioners? Their mere body is a dangerous weapon.

  11. Yeah, what about babes? I am sure many a traffick accident has happened because of a slightly distracted driver. And mind you, in Denmark about 400 people get killed each year in traffick accidents, where the number of victims of terrorist attacks is… erm… none.Wrestling Selma Hayek…

  12. "… Car catches fire & the occupants are trapped by their seat belts…" :eyes: Where?! *runs to get bbq sauce* :chef:

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