Simply The Best

You know, just because I use Symbian phones a lot of people think I'm a fanboy, incapable of seeing any problem with their phones. Of course, those people obviously haven't read my frustrations with the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD that I was awarded by Samsung last year, else they'd know that even with such awesome hardware the phone failed to impress me with it's clunky firmware (it's worth mentioning that I still have that phone and plan to hack some decent custom built firmware onto it once we're online with the PC). I've since found a happy medium with Nokia's mid-range 5800 (yes, it's Symbian and yes, it suits my needs well) mostly due to better firmware making up what it lacks in hardware, but the experience with Samsung's Symbian flagship shook my faith in mobile technology a little. At that point I wondered if we'd ever have a smartphone whose OS power matches it's hardware, is mildly future proof for a few years and doesn't have ridiculous amounts of user control stripped by fruit flavoured corporations.

All of this handily brings us back to Google's Nexus One phone which you may remember me revealing earlier in the year. To catch you up, this is some of the most powerful mobile hardware in the world today. Sure, other models may outclass it in one respect or another, but the entire package is overall the most powerful phone out there. Google knew what they were doing when they put it together too. Rather than have the evolution of their Android platform mean they have to spend money redesigning and manufacturing a new flagship model every year, they built the phone to easily run any Android OS version up to the currently in design Android 3. None of which you actually care about, and I bet you're wondering why I'm talking about this phone for the first time in months. Well this week the Nexus One got a firmware update, taking it's OS from Android 2.1 up to Android 2.2. Doesn't sound like much of an upgrade does it, yet it's enough to move this phone from an Almost Ready to the very top of my smartphone list. You see, I've always said that Android isn't quite ready yet, but with v2.2 they've matured as an OS that can please even the most hardcore users and combined with the Nexus One's technology… Any Nexus One ordered now through Google (going with an operator invalidates most of the good things I have to say about this phone) will come with the new operating system preinstalled and you'll be getting the single best out of the box (hacked phones may end up better if you have the technical knowledge and guts to do it) smartphone experience in the world today.

But don't take my word for it, I'm just a Symbian fanboy after all.


9 thoughts on “Simply The Best

  1. Android is good, but I'm waiting to see how Meego develops. Sadly N900 is not fully compatible with meego.

  2. Still SIM free so far. I wouldn't listen to everything you hear about mobile tech. The news sites tend to be sensationalist bull these days, freely editing what has been said for a headline. It's how "The N8 will be the only Symbian 3 smartphone on N-series this year." became "Symbian wont be in any future N-series phones." recently and set off half the bloggers and news sites. You'll note you didn't read anything along those lines here because I actually researched before knee-jerk posting.

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