Too Much Love Will Kill You

When Sarah Griffiths realised one of her employees was late for work she did what most employers would and called the girl to find out where she was. Thirty year old Nicola Pagington (pictured on the right) had been a model employee and it was unlike her to not come in without calling the office with a reason beforehand. When Nicola failed to answer the phone Sarah started to worry and, after trying to find her at other known contact numbers including her parent's house, she decided to visit Nicola at her home in Cirencester, Gloucestershire to see if she was alright.

When Sarah arrived at her employees home she knocked the door and, after failing to receive an answer, looked through the windows to see if anyone was home. That's when she noticed Nicola lying motionless on the bed. Enlisting the aid of neighbour Michelle Grant, she broke the door down and rushed to check on Nicola. The pair discovered Nicola was dead in her bed with her laptop still running and showing a pornographic movie on the screen. After lifting the covers they found that Nicola was naked from the waist down with a vibrator next to her.

Dr Richard Jones, a Home Office pathologist, ruled at this week's inquiry into Nicola Pagington's death that she had died from natural causes. The cause of death was found to be a heart arrhythmia, likely brought on by her state of arousal. The woman had literally masturbated to death.


19 thoughts on “Too Much Love Will Kill You

  1. I thought it would be because of a freak accident involving current or somethig but still – ouch – what a bummer!

  2. Makes me wonder, how many deaths I have been responisble for on that account. I mean, I have left women's rooms while they where seemingly sleeping, whithout waking them and without ever talking to them again. What if…? I guess I will know when I stand at the Gates of Heaven and the accountant opens his book.

  3. wow unbelievable was gonna say shocking by accident but decided not to…for obvious reasons – power surge maybe :bomb:

  4. You're all messed up. 😮 This poor woman died, in a totally regular and not at all funny way, and all you do is make jokes. :awww:

  5. Yeah, but the French are weird like that. They call people who do that activity all day every day existentialists.

  6. Hmmm, I've just found out that I'm the worldwide number one result on Google if you search for this girl's name.As such, if anyone who knows her or is related to her ends up visiting here I'd like to personally apologise for any of the jokes made here about this situation. I only shared the story because it's not something you hear everyday and I always seem to find these bizarre stories from all around the world which I like to share with my readers.I tried to only present the facts in this case during the post, never forgetting a young woman had died from an unforseen complication, and I apologise for any distress this write-up or the comments following it may cause anyone who knew Ms. Pagington.

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