The New Thing

A while back I announced the new Xbox 360 a little earlier than I should have. In the linked article I described it as the Xbox 360 Slim which is a bit of a misnomer. Yes the console is smaller and a little slimmer than the original console, but it's not a new alternate model in the way Slims usually are. Rather, this is the new Xbox 360 model and will be sold under that name now as the previous model isn't being made anymore. As hardware has improved, they've decided to reboot the console with a newer, sleeker version which operates better.

After seeing the upgrades to this model, Kim and I ordered ourselves one and today, the UK release date, it actually arrived. Now, I should mention that between ordering it and getting it I'd read some things that had gotten me worried. America had the new console before we did and I'd read dozens of comments on tech blogs from early adaptors there who complained that they'd lied about those upgrades. One guy even explained that the so called "whisper-quiet" operation was a lie because it ran louder than his old Xbox had. As that was one of the reasons we upgraded (that and finding a use for the money we'd scrimped and saved for a while) my heart fell upon reading it and I considered cancelling my preorder. Imagine my surprise when the console arrived about an hour ago and I found out those people were full of shit. Not only does the console run whisper-quiet without a disc in it, but you can barely hear it with a disc in. It took a couple of minutes to swap our old 120GB hard drive contents over to the new console (possible using any existing data transfer cable as the software is built into the console, a fact that you can't find anywhere in the tech sites) and I'm now installing all our games to the hard drive for even faster and quieter running.

So why did people report that it wasn't quieter, and some of them report that it was louder? The sad fact is that some gamers see themselves as soldiers on the frontlines of the console wars and will do anything to make their side "win". Instead of enjoying what they've got and letting others do the same, they'll try to ruin things for other people. Pathetic, isn't it? Still, I don't really care because I've got a sexy new console to play with.


11 thoughts on “The New Thing

  1. Given the increased focus in the PC world in the last few years on quieter hardware, a noisy console would be a retrograde step. Although disc noise depends at least as much on the disc quality as that of the drive.

  2. The old drive used to drown out passing trucks. Can only hear the new one at night when there's no traffic, and it's still quieter than most.

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