Most Wanted – The Twilight Predator

When seventeen year old Isabella moved to a new town with her family she was lonely and, like many teenagers in that situation, she missed her friends and was afraid of not fitting in. Despite being quite a shy girl, she soon finds some friends at her new school and gains quite a bit of male attention due to her good looks. It was one of those boys that she'd eventually fall in love with, lose her virginity to, become pregnant by, and who would eventually murder her. As in almost all teenage love stories, the naive girl allowed herself to be swept along in the boy's fantastical tales and bizarre seduction routines while he both pursued her and pushed her away depending on his mood, all the time after only one thing. We've seen this story played out so many times in life yet, as with everything on this page, there's something a little different about the boy that seduced seventeen year old Isabella Swan – far from being a boy, he was actually a ninety year old man.

Edward Cullen, the alias this man used during the seduction of this young girl, is well known to authorities. His file notes that he suffers from a rare blood disorder that gives him the appearance of being no older than a teenaged boy, and the paedophile has been using this condition for decades while travelling from high school to high school in America and posing as a new student. It was at one of these schools that he met Isabella (Bella to her friends) and chose her as his next victim. Using a book on special effects make-up that he found at the local library, he convinced the emotionally vulnerable girl that a whole supernatural world existed just out of human view and that he was a part of it through the use of copious amounts of body glitter. He portrayed himself as an immortal to her, even going so far as to admit his actual age to her as part of the fantasy. He then played on her ego by saying that in all his years he'd never loved anyone else so she must be special if she could make him fall in love with her. For Bella she was living every girl's dream with a man who loved her, but that dream would soon turn into a nightmare as Edward became more and more unstable. His fantasy world, originally created to seduce her, soon started to turn violent as he invented new ways to keep her needing him, or let his own sick passions take precedence over her needs and the girl suffered numerous documented injuries and broken bones. Before long he had convinced the inexperienced Bella to have sexual intercourse with him, but did so in such a brutal manner that she was left covered in bruises…but pregnant as well. The conniving Edward convinced the girl he'd stay with her and the baby forever and they ran away together to get married. Bella's body was found shortly afterwards, having been injected with a lethal dose of poison.

Police are currently searching for Edward Cullen and he is considered a threat to the well-being of young, impressionable girls everywhere.



14 thoughts on “Most Wanted – The Twilight Predator

  1. People read this stuff to their children. Teens are having it shoved down their throats as a love story. If these are the aspirations we're willing to build into a generation of young girls then that generation is going to overlook violent tendencies and age barriers in the pursuit of a fantasy version of love that makes those things worth it. It's a dangerous phenomenon and people need to have another look at the story as far as I'm concerned.

  2. In a related note, I read a woman's profile on a OkCupid where she lists her books as, 'Twilight Saga' and here movies also as, 'Twilight Saga'.:rolleyes:.

  3. Ha, that's a great interpretation. I must say that especially the second one of them pissed me off for portraying Bella so vague and not independent at all. 😑

  4. Blade hasn't forsaken us. He's just still too embarrassed to go out after the shoddy CGI in the second film. Seriously, when a martial artist with Wesley Snipes' skill level is working on a film the last thing you should do is replace him with CGI for a more fantastic effect to his moves. Most of the stuff in that movie he could do anyway, and it would have looked realistic.Dracula may well be turning in his grave, but mostly over the author's claim she has never heard of vampires before and that's why she changed the accepted mythology, not because she wanted to be different.Interpretation Kitty? I'm pretty sure I just described the actual events in the books, just from the view of someone who has actually had love in their life and can see the difference between that and what is portrayed in these books. πŸ˜‰

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