All Gone Pear Shaped

When Wendy McMahon found the demonic face carved into a tinned pear half (see the image on the right) the hair on the back of her neck stood up as she imagined a deep voice telling her to "GET OUT!" She immediately laughed it off, then found a freephone number on the Budget brand tin and called the company to let them know someone in the production line had been playing pranks with their product, leaving an embarrassed message on the company's answering service. Then, as many of us would do, she took a photo of the smiling pear half and posted it to her website and social network sites. Realising that people with more money than sense would be interested in the unusual food item she decided to make a little profit from it and listed it on Trade Me, New Zealand's premier online auction site.

When the company returned her call they were reluctant to believe Wendy, and assured her that the entire process was automated so nobody could have interfered with the pear half. When Wendy forwarded one of the photos she'd taken, the woman from Safeway began to believe her and became angry when she found out Wendy had "gone public" with the images online. She requested that the pear and tin be sent back to them so they could investigate the matter. Wendy packed up the demon pear and it's can then, after pulling down the Trade Me listing, sent them back to the company. After hearing nothing for a while Wendy got back in touch with the company and the woman she spoke to admitted that the pears are manually inspected at the Chinese factory. Wendy was then offered a $30 dollar voucher but she declined it, saying she'd been treated rudely by the first person she spoke to and was more concerned with pressing that complaint than worrying about a bizarrely shaped piece of fruit. The woman on the end of the line then accused her of just being after more money.

At the end of Wendy's final communication in May with the company the Southlands woman asked that they send the pear back so she can sell it to people who actually have some manners. She's still waiting.


12 thoughts on “All Gone Pear Shaped

  1. The absurdities of human life… I often think of my old granddad who would read something in the newspaper and say something like 'You can't make stuff like that out'. Reality beats imagination when it comes to the bizarre.

  2. As demon pear halves go that one looks … uh … less than malevolent and more 'I-just-hit-myself-in-the-face-with-a-book'. Wendy didn't imagine it saying, "Get out", she imagined it saying, "People call me Forrest Gump". 😉

  3. I would just blog about that and wouldn`t contact company. If they don`t care about their appeareance in public, why should I? But then again, it could be just me, strange man from Balkan 😛

  4. Look, not for nuthin', but if my food (or any object, not normally known for its powers of speech and/or sentient :left: thought) starts talking to me in a telepathic and/or disembodied voice… Just go ahead and give me something good to sedate me with. Like end stage cancer pain meds, and some moonshine. I'll pay extra for one of those pumps where you press the button if you're in pain :yes: Oh, and some prune juice for the moonshine. :whistle:

  5. I'm with you, Dennis. Only I prefer my homebrand (Danish moonshine) clean… Yeah, I know, I quit drinking, but if the food starts talking, I don't have to bother about being sober anymore. On second thought, I had chili tonight, so I guess prune juice would be the sensible choice.

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