Bigger Than Jesus

You ever notice how the world goes crazy whenever anyone claims to be "bigger than Jesus"? Just take a look at this image and you'll see that the son of God came to Earth with an advantage over you mortal men.

The image, which isn't photoshopped or otherwise edited in any way, shows a crucifix designed by artist Janet Jaime and based upon the San Damiano cross that was associated with Saint Francis of Assisi and his order of monks. The ten foot tall icon has been used by the Warr Acres Catholic church in Tulsa since February this year and made minor news headlines in April when complaints started to come in about the obvious miracle shown on the crucifix. Parishioners complained that the crucifix was pornographic. Others said they were "appalled by the sexualisation of our Lord" implying that they blasphemously believe Jesus was as anatomically correct as a Ken doll. In Germany recently a blogger is even being investigated over profanity for posting a link on his page to the image which someone else had put up on Twitpic.

What none of these dirty minded buggers who keep complaining realise is that the image shows Jesus' abdominal muscles (idealised as always in religious iconography) combined with a distended stomach caused by the spear thrust into his side in the events leading to his death. One has to wonder why people who're so religious as to be offended by this haven't actually read the New Testament enough to know what happened without having to add their own sick fantasies to their interpretation of an image they supposedly hold sacred.


9 thoughts on “Bigger Than Jesus

  1. Not exactly anatomically correct, but even so… I remember the screaming and shouting when 'The Passion of The Christ' was released. Finally somebody takes the story seriously and tells it the way it is supposed to be told, as a tale of injust violence and abuse of power, and those who regards themselves as true believers get a massive collective heart attack…Well, we have discussed the subject of religious fanatics before, and I have stated my opinion, so I think I'll just leave it alone this time.

  2. It looks as if Jesus did his pushups more than once a day! 😀 And I think either of the two suggestions look weird!

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