Rekers – Where There’s A Cheque, There’s An Ill Educated Bigot Waiting To Collect

George Alan Rekers is a sixty-one year old retired professor formerly of the University of South Carolina. He's also an officer of the National Association for Research ¤ Therapy of Homosexuality, an uber-conservative (read conservative as insanely offensive to all humankind) group that believes homosexuals need to be "cured" and advocates using weekly aversion "therapies" on children for eighteen to twenty-two months, excluding them or worse if they fail to conform to his own preset idea of gender roles. Rekers, an outspoken homophobic, portrays himself as an expert and has appeared many times as an expert witness when the morality of homosexuality was called into question, always using his psychological qualifications to back his claims despite his role as an ordained Southern Baptist minister (who didn't see that coming?) informing his testimonies far more than any research. In 1998 he was instrumental in legally enforcing the Boy Scouts ban on gay members as it would promote the idea that being gay is legitimate. Yeah, he's that special kind of evil that I just love to burn, if only to give them a taste of what awaits in the afterlife.

In April, reporters for the Miami New Times received a tip that Rekers would be returning from his vacation in Madrid to Miami International Airport, and was travelling with someone they'd be interested in. The reporters set up in the airport and certainly weren't let down by the information. Rekers arrived at the airport with his travelling companion Jo-vanni Roman, a twenty year old gay male escort who operates under the names Lucien and Geo. Rekers claims that he hired the boy to carry his luggage for him and paid him $75 a day for that purpose only, having learned of him through unnamed acquaintances, but Roman has a different story to tell.

He hired me when he saw my semi-nude photos on the website I use to advertise my escort services. In all honesty I did go on the trip with him and he was setting me up as a companion, and in all honesty he's a very kind, family-values man. He never asked me for full sex and didn't express any interest in attaining orgasm, but part of the deal was that once a day I'd give him a nude sexual massage.

The website Roman mentions is by the way, and no I'm not going to go there and find his profile to link to. This is the latest in a long line of controversies for Rekers, who has continually had his dubious research methods questioned by actual researchers who don't have their own agenda. Back in 2002 he published a paper questioning the morals of working mothers, and claiming parents should be able to punish children as they wish without the government having the right to place children in protective custody except in the worst instances of neglect and abuse. The paper counts any punishment that leaves bruises or welts as a "suitable and Biblical punishment" for naughty children. But it's a 2008 case that really shows his insanity in the best light, when he was paid a fee of $120,000 dollars by Florida to appear in court on a single occasion and testify in defence of the state's ban on gay adoption. Rekers (who cites the writings of C.S. Lewis as his inspiration) stated that "homosexuals are manipulated by the leaders of the homosexual revolt to the detriment of those suffering this sexual perversion" and that homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to be parents under "God's moral laws". He then went on to say that Native Americans shouldn't be allowed to be parents either as "they're at higher risk of drug and alcohol abuse as well as psychological disorders". The judge in that case ruled against the ban and had this to say:

Dr Rekers testimony was far from a neutral and unbiased recitation of the relevant scientific evidence. Dr Rekers' beliefs are motivated by his strong ideological and theological convictions that are not consistent with the science. Based on his testimony and demeanour at trial, the court cannot consider his testimony to be credible nor worthy of forming the basis of public policy.

I couldn't have said it better myself.


22 thoughts on “Rekers – Where There’s A Cheque, There’s An Ill Educated Bigot Waiting To Collect

  1. I really could've worked some Bon Jovi lyrics into the bit about the rent boy, couldn't I?:sing: You, you got a nasty reputation.We're in a sticky situation.It's up to me and you.

  2. Well, he seems to have some opinions which are a little bit Ahmadenischad on one hand and seems to be a tiny, little bit homosexual on the other hand (whose hand this may ever be). Both is not evil, but blaming C. S. Lewis for his ideas will damn him to the punishments of hell. If there is anything I could help the State of Florida, I am ready to do for the half of his pay.

  3. :yikes: Defaming a "man of the cloth" like that, Mik! You should be ashamed! :left: 😆 I have my own issues with Southern Baptists, and religious zealots of any kind so I'll just :zip:

  4. Wait, a *judge* was actually *impartial?!* :eyes:(Sorry, the self-hating repressing-his-own-sexuality bigot doesn't surprise me (cynical so and so that I am) as much as the legal system (in that particular instance, anyway) actually working … ) ;)Originally posted by Furie:

    I fight evil wherever I find it folks

    Your next challenge, perhaps? :doh: It never ends, does it?

  5. He's different. He wants to be taken down. Wants to be martyred for his cause so that they'll get stronger. He sees it as fighting fire with fire, the only way to beat people he views entirely as suicide bombers with that mentality. He's as much a danger to good people as any terrorist or former US president has been.

  6. The thing I don't get about him* is that he's all too happy to 'admit' that there are perfectly law abiding Muslims out there, then he simply continues lumping people of the Islamic faith together as 'bad Muslims' who 'shouldn't be welcome' in a country populated by 'good Christians'.I wonder how he feels about Catholic priests who've molested children. Are all catholics pedophiles? Of course not, yet he doesn't extend the same logic there.It's what watching Hitler speaking must've been like.Fortunately, there are more rational views out there. A pic going around the Internet, for instance, trying to put things in perspective:For those who can't view the text, it says:Muslims: 1.57 billionTaliban: 36,000Al-Qaeda: <10,000* Actually, I can figure him out. It's just like Mik said above. "Oh, look, I'm right! 'They' attacked me, so I've been proven right!"Wankers like him retard human progress …

  7. He (Wilders) is a wanker, but he's what happens if the whole political class sticks their fingers in their ears and ignores their populace's concerns. If you don't want a demagogue to appear, do something about people's worries. Expect to see versions of him appear in other countries soon as well.Don't think that 1.57 billion does not include a significant minority who support the other two smaller groups, or who are very ignorant about the religion they profess to follow. Plenty of Muslims are intolerant wankers too.

  8. I had an argument about reigion with my Aunt just this weekend. She contends that Islam is not a religion of peace and love. I asked her about The Crusades, The Spanish Inquistion, the Salem Witch Trials, and the current practice of bombing abortion clinics in the name of Jesus Christ for the unborn. I said we'd leave out of the discussion any reference to paedophilic priests. As it was my birthday dinner, we both wisely changed the subject. :angel:

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