Video Games Day 2010

It’s official, September 12th is Video Games Day folks – a day where every game player can look back at the adventures they’ve had in virtual worlds. That’s what they are these days, by the way. The time when video games meant guiding an overweight italian plumber through a side-scrolling realm, avoiding enemies and dying if they don’t make that blind jump to the next platform is over. Now game creators are creating their own breathing worlds which follow their own set of rules just as the real world does.

I’ve had some good times this year. Here’s a few moments that stand out in my memory.

  1. Playing Borderlands I was following a robot that I thought was leading me to treasure when it stopped abruptly and started dancing right in front of my face. It came as such a shock that I visibly recoiled in my seat which set both Kim and I off laughing for half an hour. After we recovered I set my character in the same place while Kim wasn’t looking and waited for the robot to start dancing again, which set Kim rolling on the floor in tears of laughter. :devil:
  2. Realising that Mass Effect 2‘s final mission has been set up so that everyone can permanently die during it if the player hasn’t prepared enough beforehand, then leading my crew on a true suicide mission.
  3. Playing Assassin’s Creed II and realising that every complaint I had about the first game (and there are many) has been dealt with.
  4. Nightmare difficulty in Alan Wake both living up to it’s name and still being playable and enjoyable.
  5. The ending to Alan Wake doing it’s best not to tie anything up, but doing so anyway.
  6. The end to John Marston’s storyline in Red Dead Redemption being the perfect ending to a story like that, before it got ruined by the next chapter.
  7. Defying the laws of physics in Red Dead Redemption’s Horseshoes minigame by landing balanced on the pole.
  8. Finally being Batman in Arkham Asylum (which inspired a story that won a competition here).

I just hope the next year brings me as many good memories. As the next games on our list are Fallout: New Vegas and Fable III (both sequels to games that featured heavily on last year’s list) I’m sure it will. I love my hobby.


24 thoughts on “Video Games Day 2010

  1. My best game experience this year was Red Dead Redemption. I normally don't sit around for hours or spend entire days gaming, but John Marston sort of demanded my attention, like a good book or that seemingly endless television series that you should never have started watching in the first place. Also Uncharted 2 had me focused – a difficult but rather short game, action from point zero, even the intermission movie parts are interesting. Assassins Creed II… Well, I got sort of bored at the end, until I started working on The Secret to get that sorted out. My biggest surprise was Codemaster's Damnation, which my stepson gave me, because he found it boring (we're sort of Play Station buddies), it's actually fairly interesting though a bit corney. Currently "investigating" Butcher's Bay with Richard B. Riddick – action packed, but not impressing.

  2. Are you looking forward to Batman : Arkham City as well? :DNo real standout moments in games for me this year, but i've mainly been playing just Dragon Age and Fallout 3 which took me months to complete satisfactorily. Can't wait for their sequels πŸ˜€ Next up is Mafia II and Civilization V, though πŸ˜›

  3. Escape From Butcher Bay was groundbreaking for it's time. Doesn't quite hold up today, but still fun and adds more to the Riddick story.

  4. You may be disappointed in Mafia II, or not. They've fixed every problem the original had but at the expense of things they got right.Dragon Age I'm loving but it didn't really stand out for me. Kind of a slow burner. I'm already committed to spending an extra forty quid on all the DLC for it once we're online (two weeks time :hat: ) and can't wait for the next game in the series which takes some cues from Mass Effect.Arkham City's near the top of the list for next year. I just hope they keep the same magic as the last game had.Kim and I have really gotten into co-op gaming this past year. Thing is there's not many that don't require us both to be on seperate consoles plus we're not really wargamers so it's difficult finding games to play together.

  5. Arkham Asylum is on my step-sons top five. He can talk about it forever. Haven't tried it yet, but I recall having played a Batman Begins game some years ago. He just purchased Mafia II, and is pretty sure, I'd like it.

  6. The original Mafia is one of my favourite ever games. I know the sequel's got its issues but the one bad review I read was mostly complaining about how it wasn't free like GTA and the cars handled differently. Well, the first was very linear too and it didn't bother me as it all fitted together perfectly (even the fiendish car race which many didn't like).Of the Dragon Age DLC the Golems one is the hardest by a mile. Not played Witch Hunt yet – only just came out and i'm finishing Awakenings with a different character first.

  7. Only one we touched was Awakening because it came out on disc too. My dwarven commoner can't wait to get his teeth into everything else. I'm particularly interested in the alternate story.Arkham Asylum beats any other Batman game out there simply because it does one thing they don't – it respects the character and lore surrounding him. It makes you think and plan like Batman would while you're playing which is absolutely amazing in my book.Hmmm, did I set this post to Mart's Only by any chance? πŸ˜‰

  8. I haven't played new games for ages. :awww: I think I'm more into the kind of games you can play for half an hour, and then just leave. Like the fighting games. Tekken. And such. :up:

  9. Keep your eyes open for Streetfighter VS Tekken and Tekken VS Streetfighter. Whichever game name goes first indicates which control system is used. The new Mortal Kombat (check videos on Youtube) should blow your socks off too.I'm more into sprawling epics that I can spend hundreds of hours on than anything else. Borderlands is like that because it's huge, but has the benefit that you can drop in and play for ten minutes if you wish. Really well thought out.

  10. Actually I haven't shaved for almost a week. It's getting messy. But somehow I like it. I get this every autumn. It's like my face is subconsciously preparing for Winter. Interesting to see how long I can postpone shaving this September. My wife usually puts the foot down at some point. Wifes will only accept a certain amount of hair in the face.

  11. I am bearded in the first place, which gives me a minor advantage when it comes to postponing the shave. I also have fair complexion with blond hair and red beard (going grey), which means it doesn't show as much as if I was dark. Somehow I've got it made in this department. Shaving doesn't bother me and never did.

  12. I'm currently playing a bearded Orlesian dwarf in Awakenings, but that's just because a non-bearded male dwarf is just wrong. I wonder if the bearded gaming community chooses bearded characters all the time :sherlock:

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