Introducing The E7

  • Four inch "clear black" AMOLED touchscreen means that you can read it in any light conditions without compromising colour intensity.
  • Slide out four line QWERTY keyboard for much easier typing on a mobile device, and less wear on the screen.
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Activesync, Mail For Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint Server and Microsoft Communicator Mobile as well as preinstalled business applications like Quickoffice and World Traveller make this the ultimate enterprise oriented device.
  • As with all Nokia devices, the E7 boasts free point to point navigation over Ovi Maps.
  • The eight megapixel autofocus camera is able to shoot and edit HD quality images and video (up to 720p definition) and can stream HD video to a compatible television along with any Dolby Digital Plus surround sound encoding. Unlike other devices with such functionality, the E7 is able to edit both images and HD video on the device.
  • The 256MB of onboard RAM combined with the ARM 11 680MHz processor, 3D graphics hardware accelerator and graphics co-processor mean this baby will be fast as hell whatever you want to do with it.
  • The latest Nokia Messaging upgrades mean all e-mail and instant messaging functionality you can imagine is built in.
  • The webkit based Symbian browser has been upgraded to be fully compliant with all web standards (a first for mobile browsers) and the addition of Flash Lite 4 means that all current Flash video codecs are supported too, which will make the E7 offer an unparalleled mobile browsing experience.
  • Oh yeah, and it looks absolutely fucking gorgeous too.


12 thoughts on “Introducing The E7

  1. Indeed. Nokia has finally perfected their hardware design.But even so, Symbian^3 still looks horrible in my eyes. The device no longer has any softkeys so get rid of the softkey bar damnit. >_<And why the heck do I constantly need to be reminded of which operator I'm using? :irked:Nokia better release some Meego devices soon.

  2. Yeah, Symbian 3 isn't the final version yet, more a better realised version of their touch enabled UI. Soon as Symbian 4 comes along on this sort of hardware with the service layer Nokia have been building we'll see something really special. But for businesses looking at the mobile world (and I had contact with a council recently who had been reported as trialing iPads) this is as good as it gets.Look out for new Meego announcements tomorrow. 😉

  3. Yeah. That's well unfair. If you look at his performance and what he's done for the company he should definitely stay on. But Wall Street analysts, who're so far removed from the industry that some of them proclaimed the iPhone as the ultimate business tool, picked on his one failed promise (despite exceeding all other promises) and now he's on his way out. There are times I hate the States.

  4. Yeah. That's well unfair. If you look at his performance and what he's done for the company he should definitely stay on. But Wall Street analysts, who're so far removed from the industry that some of them proclaimed the iPhone as the ultimate business tool, picked on his one failed promise (despite exceeding all other promises) and now he's on his way out. There are times I hate the States.

  5. Mm, although their profits have steadily shrunk over ten years, but that was inevitable. They've not been alone on the cutting edge for some time.I wouldn't regard the iPhone as a business tool, but I do think that you're missing the point with it's success. It's not the hardware that made it a hit, it's the non-techy friendly interface. As the success of Windows over Linux has shown, people don't care about proprietary, or back doors; they want simple to use, and flashy. Apple succeeded with that; and Android are succeeding by copying. I've used Nokia for years now, and they're very good mobiles, but there's a learning curve, every time. It helps being a nerd when using a Nokia. I've had to help my folks out with theirs a lot.*Puts helmet on*

  6. I have no problem with Apple getting success with an easy to use phone, in fact I wish any company luck with that. It's everything else they've done since stepping into my domain that pisses me off. Have a small list of examples since the iPhone's release only three years ago.*picks up baseball bat*Stealing technology and refusing to pay the license fee everyone else has to, breaking fair play laws in multiple countries by locking the phone to a single operator, remotely bricking phones that have been unlocked by the people who bought them, walling up the application ecosystem so every single application developed earns them money, refusing applications developed by rival companies, selling hardware that can't do things most phones have done for a decade as "cutting edge", telling people they don't need the features that Apple couldn't put in then releasing a minimal update with those features a year later at full price, lying in advertisements to get more sales (apparently full Youtube works on the iPhone despite it not having Flash), trying to force people to sign a gag order before they refund for exploding merchandise (nevermind talk compensation with the young child who got blinded), telling people they're holding the phone wrong rather than admit they got the antenna configuration wrong and allowing refunds, saying that mobile video calling "done right" is a feature that needs Wi-fi to connect and can't use the mobile network, and calling the iPhone a smartphone when it still doesn't match up to the industry recognised specifications.They've been pulling this crap in the industry I love for three years now. But it's Apple, and Apple fans are blind to anything but what they've been told is the next big thing. Those fans count themselves as revolutionaries against the evil corporations like Microsoft so they don't realise they're backing a company who's just as bad. They go out in force with word of mouth about how revolutionary the iOS family are, never once seeing that ease of use is easy to add when your device has three functions, but that device will become more and more complicated as it tries to keep up with the features of the actual innovators (RIM, HTC, Nokia and Samsung at the moment) in the business. Likewise those companies can work on making their devices simpler, which just means a UI redesign rather than testing and adding new features. Their days are numbered (as shown by their steadily falling market share), extended only by word of mouth from those who don't know better and those who only know what they're told.

  7. Big companies tend not to be humane. It's the nature of the beast. Becoming a fanboy for any corporation is the way of madness. Marvel taught me that. It's all about the money.However, iPhones are user friendly in a way that's never been seen. I'm sure that they will lose ground with time, although their share of smartphone climbed from 13% to 14% this year according to I.D.G., but when it happens, it'll be for the same reason that Nokia have been hitting the wall; their distinctiveness disappears as every-one else copies them. As is being done. As happened with the Walkman. Sellotape. McDonalds (to a lesser extent). That's life. One can only innovate in one direction so far. Then you have to change the game again, come up with a totally new product that the industry didn't anticipate.Apple have been pretty good at keeping their stuff simple and functional.

  8. I'm sure something was meant to be announced about Meego today. I'm not really that into the idea myself so haven't been checking, but a source told me they were meant to be talking about it this week. You'll like it when it's announced anyway, although it may feel a bit samey.That's just it though. The fans are usually rabid fanboys who ignore the problems of the device and spread around that it's more functional than anything else out there, just because it has an Apple logo on the back. Anything with a better feature or hardware is immediately dumped on by those people, and I've seen them go from site to site actually lying about the device they're slagging off. Me, I'm a Sony Ericsson fan but haven't spoken about them here for over a year because they've been producing crap. I haven't gone around telling people that the latest Sony Ericsson phone is a must have and saying anyone who doesn't have one is too poor. In fact, the entire industry has been in a slump this year so I've barely mentioned anything by anyone, even skipping the huge buzz surrounding the Nokia N8. The E7 is the first device to really catch my attention all year, and that's mostly because mobile offices are great devices for mobile bloggers. Still got my eyes on Android though. They're far from an iPhone copy and maturing fast. While they're good enough for most users now, they don't quite meet my needs.

  9. The look and feel is totally iOs, though. A guy at work has one, and I thought that it iOs 'till he corrected me. Nice, though. Plagiarism is necessary to progress. IMO. Should the second guy to make wheels have made them angular just to be different?

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