The Jewish Nazis

Ola and Pawel (both currently 33 years old) were childhood sweethearts who both went on to become skinheads who were Neo-Nazis. Then, a few years ago, they got the shock of their lives when Ola found out from Warsaw’s Jewish Historical Institute that both she and her husband are technically Jews. A few years ago, “It was unbelievable – it turned out that we had Jewish roots. It was a shock.” she said.

They’ve since embraced their Jewish identity and are active in their local orthodox synagogue but, at the time they found out, she and Pawel were still highly active in Warsaw’s Neo-Nazi movement. “I was a nationalist 100 percent. Back then when we were skinheads it was all about white power; that Jews were the biggest plague and the worst evil of this world.” Pawel said. “I’m not saying that I don’t have regrets but it’s not something that I walk around and lash myself over. I feel sorry for those that I beat up,” Pawel said. “But I don’t hold a grudge against myself.” Anyone else think that maybe he should hold a grudge against himself for beating people up based solely on their race, religion or creed, or that he should at least show some real fucking remorse rather than saying “This is who I am now” and integrating himself with those he victimised previously?

The couple are the subject of a current CNN documentary about Poles rediscovering their Jewish roots generations after their ancestors hid their religious identities to escape persecution during World War II.


9 thoughts on “The Jewish Nazis

  1. Strange. We had some construction work done on the apartment building I live in. Polish workers, of course, since they are the cheapest. I had a talk with one of them. You can speak German with most of the immigrant workers from Poland. So, I asked him, why he would work for half of the wages a Danish worker with the same qualifications would claim, and he said "Wir sind ja nur Polakken.", meaning 'we are just Polish', as if being Polish automatically puts you in the bottom of the food chain. There is a diffenrence of mentality between us in the West and the population of the old Communist nations to the East. We don't get them, and vice versa. We just have to tolerate eachother without necessarily understanding, which is a difficult thing.

  2. Wow and wow. I meet Swedes that won't believe that I don't hate the English, because of stuff that happened when my grandparents were infants. We are born with such baggage.

  3. Life played game with them. But, instead of learning something out of that experience, they just turned the sides, being exactly the same they were :doh:Martin, it must sound weird to you. But trying to explain a state of mind of average Serbian (I am not Polish but I can see some similarities), even though we have never been a part of eastern block, would take a lot of time and space. Every nation has its own way of thinking, and some are similar.

  4. Originally posted by clean:

    So he was a wanker when he was a neo-Nazi and he's a wanker now that he's Jewish?

    Well, he was a wanker, now he's a tight-fisted wanker! :whistle:.

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