Up Above The Streets And Houses

A rainbow is a pretty well known phenomenon where light from the sun reflects off precipitation in the atmosphere (rain basically, hence the name) and causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky. If you read this page regularly you probably suspect that this post isn’t going to be about rainbows, and you’re almost right. This is about Moonbows, a term that originates with Nick Whelan who sighted one of the first documented Moonbows in Eastern Utah.

A lunar rainbow is produced when light reflects off the surface of the moon before hitting precipitation creating a beatiful pure white rainbow. Moonbows are quite faint compared to regular rainbows, due to the smaller amount of light reflected from the surface of the moon and, as a result, almost impossible to catch on film. Even when one is photographed the colours of the spectrum are shown rather than the true white look. Moonbows can be most easily viewed when the moon is full and low in a very dark sky while rain is falling. This combination of elements means that the subtle beauty of lunar rainbows are much more rarely seen than regular daylight rainbows.


8 thoughts on “Up Above The Streets And Houses

  1. The web is flooded with photos of the moon's corona under the title Moonbow and that's not what one is. It's just a regular faded white rainbow.

  2. Never saw or even heard about Moonbow. But, when thinking about it, makes prfect sense. When Sun can make it, why not the Moon, too 😀 Thanks for sharing this.Quite surprising post from your part, Mik 😛

  3. :eyes: I never knew about Moonbow! what an amazing thing to see! thanks for sharing , I just learned a new thing :happy: !

  4. I'll post anything interesting if I know of it. Immortal fish, night rainbows, kids who grow spare organs. The world is full of cool stuff.

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