When Forever Should Mean Forever

In 1992 Thomas Spioch was arrested and charged with twenty nine sex crimes then finally convicted in 1997 on charges of sexually assaulting a fourteen year old boy. During the trial he hired a hit man to kill seven witnesses against him (mostly children he’d assaulted) but luckily he was found out and the witnesses were placed in protective custody. He was sentenced to three hundred and fifteen years in jail with the five he’d already served being knocked off the sentence. This should have meant he was locked up forever. It didn’t.

Following a series of appeals he had a massive three hundred years knocked off his sentence and was due for release in 2007, having served only fifteen years for molesting children and showing a willingness to murder them to cover up his crimes. The state of Florida put him in a secure treatment facility under the Jimmy Ryce law until he was was no longer considered a danger to society. At the end of July this year he was released back into the community on twelve years probation. He doesn’t have to wear an ankle bracelet or any form of GPS as he is, in the eyes of the law, cured.

Thing is, there are no children in a secure facility like that nor in prison. Fifteen years without something you can’t get doesn’t mean you don’t want that thing and it’s easy enough to fake not needing something if you know that will get you closer to what you want. Addicts do it all the time and they actually have physical signs that they’re not being entirely honest, so how can you be sure that this man’s paedophilia has been cured? How can anyone say that this man is no longer a threat to children?


8 thoughts on “When Forever Should Mean Forever

  1. I don't think paedophilia can be cured, it can only be treated for life. :left:. Even then, the paedophile has to actually be a willing for that treatment to be effective. :rolleyes:.Unfortunately, without access to the psyche's case file on this man, it's hard to confirm a diagnosis of paedophilia. (although seriously deranged is seriously deranged regardless of what the actuall diagnosis might be :rolleyes:)

  2. Actually, I heard somewhere that the sterilization of a pedophile should cure him. And treatment is offered to those who need it.But let's say, against all odds, this man was cured of pedophilia. This man is probably still a psychopath. Is he still fit for society, having tried to kill several children?

  3. And even after being sterilised he would be able to kill them. Being unable to sexually assault them won`t stop him for hating and hurting them, just because of that :left: 😡

  4. He wouldn't be unable to sexually assault them at all, just unable to obtain physical gratification from the act. In this particular case there's a certain sadism and power trip attached to the acts on top of any paedophilia. He's one of the last ones that should have been set free as he's certain to offend again because he enjoys it on much more than a sexual level. What I'm about to say doesn't actually apply to this case as he's more than just a paedophile.What no-one in the psychiatric community is willing to admit is that paedophilia is a fetish, not a mental illness. It's the same process that gives people shoe fetishes and a preference for blondes, just society has (and quite rightly, I should add) decided that this particular fetish is damaging to it's subjects and shouldn't be allowed. This doesn't mean that these people don't still have it though, and it doesn't mean that it needs to be treated any differently. Unfortunately the stigma attached prevents many of them from getting help while they can, and also prevents the help they need from being readily given. Rather than regular therapy to get over fetishes they're given aversion therapy close to the torture that church-run anti-homosexuality camps think is necessary in those cases.The fear is that, if they treated it like a regular fetish they be admitting that it's a naturally occurring phenomena and not a perversion and that would somehow open the way to legalizing it. Of course this shows just how paranoid the mental health community is. If they'd just get on with their jobs they'd be able to actually cure some of these people before they got to a stage where they were a danger to children.

  5. Originally posted by Furie:

    The fear is that, if they treated it like a regular fetish they be admitting that it's a naturally occuring phenomena and not a perversion and that would open the way to legalizing it.

    That is a justifiable fear in my opinion. I once heard about a lobby group that is actually trying to get it legalised. :awww:.

  6. I like the idea of adding the verdicts up like that. We don't have that kind of rule here, which mean that you get kindof a "discount" – like: Murder 10 for the price of 2, or something like that. :irked: I don't understand why he had that many years knocked off his sentence though – that doesn't make sense to me.

  7. There will always be someone trying to legalise the domination of one group by another. It's human nature and why we protect those that can't protect themselves in the first place. Point is that paedophilia is relatively simple to treat but we don't and this means more of them "graduate" to abusing children than would if treated. Always remember that a paedophile is basically a victim of a mental illness, while a child molester (and this includes those who distribute and use child pornography) is a sadist using other's pain for their pleasure. There's a difference and one that's easily overlooked.You raise a good point about bargain sentences, kitten. We have the same thing here and it's very rare for a rapist to get more time in jail than someone dodging taxes. Still, the same pretty much applies to the US too if they'll discount the sentence so quickly and by so much. Prison systems just can't afford to be both humane and keep people in for as long as they're sentenced. Over here, Judges have recently been told to count an offenders youth as a mark in their favour while sentencing in an effort to reduce the amount of violent criminals that get sent to jail and save money.

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