Emergency – Bring On The Girls

Dr. Elena Bodnar has designed one of the most important pieces of medical equipment in recent years. This piece of clothing can instantly transform itself into two respitory face masks designed to filter out harmful airborne particles such as released by fires, natural disasters and biological attacks. Realising that people don’t generally carry facemasks around with them, Dr. Brodnar envisioned a device that would be at hand when needed, ultimately deciding it needed to be a part of some other essential item. And so the Emergency Bra was born. When deployed, the cups of the bra turn into dual facemasks and the shoulder straps have been redesigned to convert easily into adjustable head straps. Flexible inserts around the top of the cups mold tightly around the nose and mouth while the inner lining acts in the same way as a butterfly valve while you inhale.

The Emergency Bra doesn’t compromise in terms of aesthetics when compared to traditional bras and Dr. Brodnar has now announced the commercial availability of the Emergency Bra. Currently only available in red, it sells for $29.99 in sizes from 32B to 40C. You can order yours right here.

The Emergency Bra earned Elena the Ig Nobel Public Health Prize last year. The prize honours achievements that make people laugh as well as make them think (I wonder if they do a literary prize?) and are intended to celebrate the unusual and honour the imaginative. During her acceptance speech for the award Elena said, “Isn’t it wonderful that women have two breasts, not just one? We can save not only our own life, but also the life of a man of our choice next to us.” I have to admit that I’ve always found the first fact pretty wonderful myself, as have many young men.

On a totally unrelated subject, guys may want to visit this site.


15 thoughts on “Emergency – Bring On The Girls

  1. The woman on the picture seems to have worn two bras at the same time, which comes in handy if you don't wanna flash when you're suddenly in need of a face mask. :left:

  2. Imagine a girl taking off her bra in the middle of fire – every man would immediately forget about fire, smoke, harmful particles…. 😛 They would forget to call the fire brigade, too :devil:

  3. :left: is it only me that know that girls take off bra's without taking off their shirts? 😡 And the boxers idea is cool.. :left: i'll make people breath through where I put my ass.. 🙄

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