Meet Tyler Weinman

Meet nineteen year old Tyler Weinman. Tyler is breathing a sigh of relief after a seventeen month witch hunt against him is finally over. It all started when a string of animal deaths occured around the area where he lived and an anonymous tip to the police fingered Tyler, then seventeen, as the culprit. What followed for the boy is best described by his defence attorney, David Macey.

Tyler suffered through seventeen months of humiliation, death threats and indignities that no-one should have to bear. The police succumbed to the lynch mob, and Tyler was arrested for a crime he didn't commit. There was no crime, it was just a witch hunt. They all just went crazy and wanted a warm body to hold up in front of everybody.

On Wednesday the defence called a forensic veterinarian (hired by Tyler's parents) and he showed how some puncture marks on the eight preserved cat carcasses were consistent with the bite of a large animal. Evidence was also shown that two stray dogs had been caught in the area on the day of Tyler's arrest. The Miami State Attorney's office dropped the charges as the other eleven corpses had been destroyed and they had no other carcasses to examine for further evidence.

Meet Tyler Weinman, who was tipped to the police seventeen months agofor being involved in a series of animal deaths where the bodies were found posed and with no blood around them at all, almost as if a sentient being had killed them elsewhere and set them up. Tyler has been pulled over by officers for a traffic infraction and, when those officers found marijuana in plain sight in his car, arrested for possession. Tyler was taken to the police station and questioned about the drugs and his involvement with the cat murders. Investigators describe him as being "overly enthusiastic and downright scary" as he talked about dissecting cats at school. During this interview Tyler tried to make a deal. "If I tell you about the cats I did, will you make the marijuana charges go away?" When told it wasn't their decision he clammed up and was later released to his parents.

Tyler's cell phone records show that he was in the area where the cats were found in the early morning before each one was found so police put a GPS device in his car. This tracker put him in the neighbourhood where two further cats were soon found dead. Police then had enough evidence to get a warrant to search his mother's house, where they found a supply of catnip, despite the family not owning a cat, as well as a crude cutting implement hidden in a hile in his bedroom wall and covered with a poster. At this point he was arrested and again tried to make a deal with the interviewing officers. "If I tell you about the first cats that I did, can you make the rest go away?" Again he was told that it was not their decision. After Tyler was arrested the cat killings stopped with thirty three cats having been found dead and veterinarians concluding that nineteen of those were killed by a human.

Meet Tyler Weinman, then make sure he doesn't meet your pets or Danish friends.


23 thoughts on “Meet Tyler Weinman

  1. What a nasty, creepy little bastard. I disagree Mik – let the Kitty at him – he won't make it back to the main road. Next news release with also be from Miami-Dade police, Tyler Weinmnan found hanging from a lamp post by his tiny balls, tongue cut out and peeled like a human banana.

  2. Silly me I was just thinking how Kitty would take this. Of course, we should let her loose on him. I almost feel sorry for him. :left: :sherlock: Not.

  3. Originally posted by H82typ:

    I was just thinking how Kitty would take this

    Strange that she hasn't commented here yet! :left:.

  4. What the hell?! :furious:Don't waste time and money by sending him to jail. Send him to me instead! I promise to treat him exactly the way he deserves!!!

  5. Originally posted by FlaRin:

    <applause>? That's what I said you'd do, up thereaways ^^

    *passes Pussy Cat her toolkit*…

    Wantses! :hat:

  6. I hope he visits Australia. I'd love to see him in the street sometime. As in, in the street after being pushed into traffic.

  7. I'd suggest tying his hands together, pouring baby oli over him & letting him loose in Kings Cross (Sydney – or indeed London) – but I don't want to be accused of conspiring to cause cruel & unusual punishment etc. πŸ™‚ Do I??? <rubs chin, thinks…>. Traffic would be quicker, less of a spectator sport, and quieter. Hasn't got *that* much going for it, really πŸ˜†

  8. Anonymous writes:Guilty? or Innocent? I say Guilty and here is why- no human DNA was found and they know this bcuz they were looking for any dna animal or human to link Weinmans home 2 the crimescene. No human DNA was found and NO absolutely NO Foreign ANIMAL DNA was found either! STUPID ASS STATES ATTORNEY DROPPING THE CHARGES BEFORE THE DOGGY DNA WAS FOUND—WHY? CUZ THERE WAS NO DOGGY DNA HE JUST WANTED THE CASE 2 GO AWAYSmart ass dogs in Miami able 2 kill and wipe up after themselves but they r practicing cuz they know they are going to move on 2 humans later and they don't want to leave any doggy DNA behind.We tax payers do have the last laugh cuz Weinman knows that his parents care more about their image than getting him help.

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