HIV Cured

I dunno how much AIDS scares y'all, but I got a theory. The day they come out with a cure for AIDS, a guaranteed one-shot cure, on that day there's gonna be fucking in the streets, man. Seriously, if you can't get laid on that day, cut it off.

That, of course, is a quote from the legendary Bill Hicks from way back in the 80s. This week his dream was declared a reality. That's right folks, they've managed to cure HIV. Don't start ripping your clothes off and leaping on the first person you see though, as this is far from a one-shot cure and it could take years before we reach that stage. Rather it's the first major step in a battle that has cost us thousands of lives in the past thirty years.

As with all the great scientific discoveries this one was found while trying to do something else. In 2007 a mid forties American man underwent a blood stem cell transplant to try and treat his leukemia. It turns out that his donor was not only an excellent blood match but had a mutant gene that gave him a natural resistance to HIV, a gene that went to work in the patient's own body. Within a year his existing HIV had vanished completely and he's just had his second year of clean tests.

Obviously this is a far cry from the one-shot cure that Bill was hoping for. Stem cell research is underfunded in most countries around the world, mostly due to science fiction obsessed politicians thinking scientists are aborting babies and putting them in a blender to get the cells, or growing babies in labs simply to kill them and harvest the cells (bizarrely these are the same politicians who say they're pro-life, yet they allow their insanity to cost millions of lives per year as they wont back this research). As it's underfunded it's also undertested meaning we just don't know how this sort of treatment would work in a healthy individual. The man who had his HIV cured had previously had his immune system destroyed by chemotherapy (pumping poison into your veins in an effort to cure a worse poison) and radiotherapy (exposing the body to potentially harmful radiation) before the stem cells were implanted to help him regrow a new immune from scratch. The mortality rates for such a procedure are still too high for us to try that on anyone who has a managable condition, and HIV has been managable with medication for quite a while now. Still, the difference between surviving and living is enormous, and there are many things that HIV positive patients simply cannot do (having children for example) so I can see more than a few people attempting to go through the courts to allow them to take this chance at having a normal life.

If nothing else, this is a remarkable first step against something that people still regard as a death sentence, and it's only a matter of time before it leads to a real cure that everyone can take. And on that day there's gonna be fucking in the streets, man.


33 thoughts on “HIV Cured

  1. I don't think people will get that wild šŸ™„ ….there are still other STD that are not curable. But which ever company makes the one shot cure is gonna be rolling in more cash than a Sheik in Qatar :eyes:

  2. Actually, pharmaceutical companies are rolling in it as long as HIV remains 'treatable' but not curable. :irked:.It's hard not to believe in conspiracy theories when you know that it's the 'bottom line' that leads the decisions. :cry:.

  3. Actually this procedure in most cases would probably kill even more people, than saved. No to mention, there are veeery few people with adequate hiv-resistance to be donors. But, yes, some day it may bring great solution not only for hiv, but also for other illnesses.

  4. Originally posted by Mr M. Scientist:

    when you know that it's the 'bottom line' that leads the decisions.

    Yeah, that's been my discussion point about HIV in a conversation in Pussy Cat's blog – ultimately it's about profit, if you're on the pharmceutical side of the fence. Corporates aren't driven by people really – they're like vast machines driven by numbers, at the end of the day. That's the way I see it, anyway šŸ˜¦

  5. The 'thousands af dead' you refer to is a very soft way to put it when the actual amount is 1,8 million deaths (2009). There are 35 million men, women and children living with AIDS, between 2,8 and 3,1 million new infections every year. 22 million of the infected are living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Genetic treatment of HIV sounds a little too expensive and exclusive for Sub-Saharan Africa, doesn't it? Just to take a political angle.

  6. Mad Scientist & Flarin are right šŸ˜¦ (sadly)so this is why we get the cold every 'flu season' :mad:All this crap could have been cured all ready! :mad:acchhooOO! :eyes:

  7. Have you ever noticed how it's the people who get the flu shots every year that seem to be most likely to actually get flu after all? :whistle:.Actually, that's not so suprising because a 'flu' vaccine is actually a weakened form of the flu virus. The idea is to give you a mild case of flu so as to protect you from the severe form of it. :left:.Basically it's, "we'll make you a little sick so that you don't get a lot sick!" 'chemo' therapy for cancer. (note: if I ever get cancer and the doctor says that chemo is my best chance, I'll probably try it.)The doctor takes all these banned drugs that were designed for other illness', but were too toxic and declared unsafe, and feeds them to you. The hope is that these poisons kill the cancer before they kill you! :insane:.'Modern' medicine is still very barbaric. It's a shame that it's the best we've got. :awww:.

  8. They'll probably just twist it around: "Curing gay people of AIDS is the work of Satan!" Sadly, one day, when a cure is widespread and affordable, there will be people who will believe this.

  9. I don't believe that any of us will live to see HIV cured. Perhaps in the richer countries, but definitely not in the countries where the problem is most massive. The stockholders in the pharmaceutical companies are in it for the money, that's for sure.

  10. Sowwy! :awww:.For those who want to know, those links are to pages about Royal Raymond Rife. In the 1950's, he built a machine that he claimed could destroy any pathogen in-vivo without harming the patient. Thus whether a disease is caused by a virus, bacterium, yeast or fungal spore, it can be destroyed completely without harm the person who is infected.His lab burnt down and he was destroyed professionally. Conspiracy theorist claim, with the usual 'evidence', that he was the victim of a campaign organised by the pharmaceutical companies! :left:.

  11. Originally posted by Furie:

    If you're gonna spam, use descriptive hotlinks.

    I told my secretary off because she sent me a link as an answer to a question I asked. *nods* šŸ˜€

  12. Secretaries all over the world have two things in common.1) Skirts that show way too much on bodies that don't suit them.2) "I'm an administrative/personal assistant, not a secretary." claims.

  13. I just read in today's newspaper that the primary reason why European countries have problems with the state finances is because they have employed too much 'administrative personal' in state offices. I was like 'What the fuck, they spent all those billions on employing more secretaries!?' And that was actually what the article said. Short skirts, titles or whatever – there seems to be quite a few secretaries employed in the state offices around Europe.

  14. If my secretary claims to not be a secretary, then she might as well quit her job. šŸ˜› (BTW, I've only seen her in a skirt once. And that's a good thing! šŸ˜† )

  15. We have a lot of brandnew stylish names for the secretaries. šŸ˜† But this is a kind of way to get money to the people – you hire them. It seems to work for a time, probably better than the way of the US to lower the interest. Sure, banks can now loan money cheaper, but they do not give it to the companies and the people as they have no adequate securities. The problem with all these secretaries is to transfer them later to jobs in business.

  16. Employing more secretaries is one thing, but it seems that getting rid of them again is also a costful affair. In Denmark, if a state organisation wants to fire staff they will have to hire a private consulting firm to take care of the firing process (or whatever it is called). It seems that for some reason or the other the state bosses will not know how to fire employees, so they have to hire somebody else to fire people. And it doesn't stop there, because if they want to employ people, they would also have to hire a consulting firm to take care of finding and hiring new staff. My question is, what do state bosses do? If they can't be bothered with hiring and firing people then what the fig do they do?They sure know how to use taxpayer's money in the state of Denmark!

  17. Well, in the old times bosses took care of the secretaries. Either fired them or babyfed them. Both lead in these days to a free chair.

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