Boom Town

See that guy over on the right? The scruffy one with the greasy hair (No, not me you cheeky buggers! No soup for you!!!) That's Terry Lester, a thirty seven year old man from Waseca in Minnesota, and even if you're desperate enough to go for a guy who looks like that, do not date him.

You see, Terry doesn't take rejection well. After breaking up with his girlfriend he went out and bought her three Christmas presents – a black vibrator,a pink vibrator and a cream coloured vibrator, then wrote "Merry Christmas, Bitch" in black marker on the pink one and started to wrap them. It doesn't sound so bad, if a little creepy, but there's more. A few cables and drills were found alongside the vibrators (at this point the black one had been wrapped) and when Terry's two female room mates discovered the items they got in touch with the police after remembering a plan he'd once let slip when drunk. While they'd originally put the plan down as a drunken joke it turns out that Terry had been deadly serious about creating an explosive vibrator and sending it to his ex.

When police arrived they found that the wrapped black vibrator contained buckshot, gunpowder and an electronic trigger connected to the power button. In short, Terry had hollowed out a vibrator and turned it into a bomb that goes off when turned on. According to the police report he was planning to give it to his ex because his relationship with her ended badly. Yeah, and that would've been a much better end, wouldn't it. Seriously girls, do not date this man.


35 thoughts on “Boom Town

  1. ooooook :insane: i know you've been trying to explode Pussy but… :left: oh wait..:doh: this is something totally different but equally bizarre! :left: kinda..

  2. Originally posted by Cois:

    this is something totally different but equally bizarre!

    You reckon I could get her if I sent her a present like this? :left:Originally posted by Aqualion:


    Look right.Originally posted by KYren:

    What's next?

    Next? You're too young to know if you have to ask that question. :devil:Originally posted by Pineas2:

    I could make a fortune as a barber in that town.

    I think he's getting a free haircut in jail. :awww: That might be why he did it. πŸ’‘

  3. haven't she been strutting around with a strap-on dong this whole time? :left: :sherlock: and how exactly has she obtained it? :p

  4. Originally posted by Furie:

    You reckon I could get her if I sent her a present like this?

    I wouldn't count on it. I think I'd be alarmed by the "Merry Christmas, Bitch" on the side. :yes:

  5. Originally posted by Furie:

    down her chimney

    It depends on the position. As far as I know the above mentioned devices are designed to go either way.

  6. I am so sorry for the ravage I caused. I had no idea that a simple comment would instigate such ado. Let's just pretend there were no chimney and no vertically moving objects in the first place.Right?:left: :right:

  7. Originally posted by Furie:

    She's a dirty cat who needs a B.A.T.H.

    Originally posted by Zaphira:

    And I do *not* need such a thing!

    Most of us concede the need for daily ablutions! Denying that such a need exists is pretty good evidence that said practices have been neglected! :whistle:.

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