Dead Island Trailer

Every so often a video game brings the web to its knees. It happened with Metal Gear Solid (2 and 3), it happened with Grand Theft Auto IV, it happened with Mass Effect. Games so full of promise and so waited upon that the trailer alone is an event so in demand that servers around the world can’t cope with the rush of visitors to sites and they go down under the strain. This week heralded another one of those moments with a little known game called Dead Island. Originally announced in 2007 this game soon slipped off the radar and disappeared until this week when an announcement trailer appeared for it. The trailer spread slowly through word of mouth and soon it seemed like the entire game playing world had heard of Dead Island.

The trailer is shot out of sequence, with some parts reversed, and portrays a girl running for her life from zombies to her parents room at a hotel in a holiday resort. The trailer is so powerful that despite it not showing any gameplay a movie has already been signed up based on the property. The movie will be, like the trailer and Memento, shot out of sequence to show a zombie outbreak on a desert island in reverse. This is based solely on the strength of the trailer as the game itself is played in a regular timeframe.

This is one of those special moments when you realise the emotional impact a video game can have on you. Watch all the way to the end and you’ll see what I mean. Enjoy.


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