Building Blocks Evolved (Furie Wants!!!)

Why be a square when you can be a cube? This is the question I found myself asking myself (and rather sadly having a detailed debate with myself about) when I discovered what is sure to be the next killer item for adult kids.

Cubelets are little robots in the shape of a cube that can be put together in any order. Woo! The clever thing is that each one has a function whether that function is as a specific sensor, a motor with a wheel, a speaker or whatever. These functions interact with each other depending on how you’ve put the cubes together so a light sensor cube connected to a speaker cube will make the robot talk as it gets brighter. If we wanted it to talk as it gets darker then we’d add the inverse cube between the two and the reverse effect would happen. Maybe we want our robot to drive towards light? Just put a driving block attached to a light sensor and it’ll do so. More complex behaviours can be added by adding more blocks to your design. That robot that drives towards light may have an inverse block and microphone attached which would make it reverse away from sounds. It may also have a motion sensor on that causes it to investigate movement (or run away from it when used with an inverse block). Hey congratulations team, we’ve made a robot rat. There are more blocks available that determine what to do with the data that the sensors have brought on board and these “think blocks” can produce some quite unexpected and organic results.

The base of each robot that can be built with Cubelets is the battery block, but you can keep adding as many as you want to that and they’ll all be powered by it so your only other limit is your imagination… and your wallet. A pack of twenty assorted Cubelets costs $300 and can be ordered here, although they’re out of stock at the time of writing. The standard kit contains the following blocks:- 2 Drive, 1 Rotate, 1 Speaker, 1 Flashlight, 1 Bar Graph (shows a display of the strength of something), 1 Knob (can be used as an on switch or to deactivate certain properties), 1 Brightness, 2 Distance, 1 Temperature, 2 Inverse, 1 Minimum (accepts only the smallest input from a sensor), 1 Maximum (accepts only the highest input from a sensor), 1 Battery, 2 Passive (basic building blocks that carry data to their neighbours but don’t do anything special themselves), 2 Blocker (allows power to pass through but acts as a dead end for data). These are more than enough to build some quite complex robots with animal-like behaviours, but true Skynet aficionados will want to buy booster packs of passive and blocker Cubelets as well as extra packs of sensors and more action blocks.

Cubelets are the illegitimate love child of Eric Schweikardt and were originally called roBlocks, which I personally think is a more marketable name. They were designed as a way to show the potential of modular robotics. “I started to add more functionality into the different cubes and Cubelets evolved out of that. I never intended to make and sell a product, but after the 20th lab visitor asked when they could buy them, I started to warm to the idea.”

Good boy, now get to work on the machine gun and rocket launcher cubes and I’ll be your best customer.


75 thoughts on “Building Blocks Evolved (Furie Wants!!!)

  1. "Good boy, now get to work on the machine gun and rocket launcher cubes and I'll be your best customer.":lol: πŸ˜†

  2. How much for the machine gun? :devil: so I can send one to every single person that asks for flash in Opera Mini.

  3. Grabbing, shovelling or digging devices would be nice. Then there would be a practical purpose to building robots, and then I might be interested.

  4. With little sucker feet and a polishing surface, it would be worth having 6 or so to clean the windows for you πŸ™‚

  5. Robots! :DHow come nobody has thought about this before?(Or how come somebody has, but hasn't marketed them…)

  6. Fantastic. I especially like the idea of Brightness, Distance, Temperature, Flashlights and Maximum! Just a few more adjustments and it'll be *really, seriously* cool! 😎

  7. I've put in a request for animal recognition cubes so that my robot army will be cheaper to assemble. There's a recession, don't ya know.

  8. Pussy recognition… :DHey, I just got an awesome idea. Perhaps if we build robots who are like really big and move around like people with guns of course and rocket feet and stuff, but – and this is the good part – they can turn into cars, like normal cars, you know, to fit in… How is that for a cool idea? Just came to me right now. Brilliant!

  9. Let's get some in different colours, in the shape of different figures. Mik can get the black robot in the shape of am iPhone, Qlue the blue in the shape of a Bushman, Cois the pink in the shape of a really small dog, and I take the white in the shape of a very powerfull and cool looking lion. I've got a name for the robots too: I say we call them 'zords'. And when we meet we can join the zords togeher into a… erm… MEGAZORD! Comes with cool outfits and weapons too.:P

  10. *hits Martin over head with giant one armed cube bot built to hit Martin over the head with*Now tell us how Martin masturbates Boet… :p

  11. *Leans back to watch what happens after having served the dog a nice bowl of dog chow containing enough explosive nanobots to destroy a small planet*

  12. Originally posted by H82typ:

    Why does Cois want to know how anyone wanks?

    Maybe he doesn't know how it's done. Which explains a lot.One of us should show him… πŸ™„ :whistle:

  13. Originally posted by Aqualion:

    *Leans back to watch what happens after having served the dog a nice bowl of dog chow containing enough explosive nanobots to destroy a small planet*

    The animals never fall for that, trust me. :awww:

  14. Originally posted by Cois:

    sounds like too much work.

    That's why it is best to be two. The friendly and social choice of safe passtime pleasure.

  15. :lol:.Problem is, that particular joke doesn't work in print. :p.(the American version probably refers to the Apache or the Sioux or some other tribe. :whistle:)

  16. But in the mean time…VandeMerwe was walking through the Kalahari. He comes upon a bushman lying naked on his back with a hardon sticking straight up.So he asks the bushman, "What are you doing?" :confused:."I'm checking the time with sun." the bushman replys, "It's now 10am."So Van carries on along the way.After sometime, he finds another bushman, again lying naked with his erect member sticking straight up.A little wiser now, he asks, "What time is it?""It's 1pm", answeres the bushman.Van continues on his journey through the Kalahari and spots another bushman checking the time around 2pm. Then a bit later, he happens upon a bushman who's frantically masterbating. Van's curiosity gets the better of him."What are you doing?" he asks the bushman."I'm winding my watch." the bushman replies. :p.

  17. πŸ˜† how do you make a voiceclip with a cameraman? πŸ˜† oh the horrible things that go through ones mind now.. :insane:

  18. It's a visual joke. That's why it doesn't work in print. :rolleyes:.But since I probably won't get around to it any time soon, I shall attempt to explain. Have you ever seen how a Bushman user a thin stick to start a fire? He places it between the palms of his hands and rubs them together vigourously. :rolleyes:.

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