Sometimes There Are No Words…

So, it seems I missed an earthquake while I was trapped offline. A pretty fucking massive one when I looked into it.

I haven’t seen such destruction in a long time, thankfully, and I hope I’ll never see anything like that here. The sheer power of nature should never be underestimated and this is a reminder to us all. Ships overturned, cars brought together by the tsunami before bursting into flame, houses smashed to splinters. Sometimes there are no words. Luckily a picture can supposedly speak a thousand of them.

My thoughts go out to all my followers and friends in Japan. May you never see anything like this again in your lifetimes.


17 thoughts on “Sometimes There Are No Words…

  1. The amazing thing is that the earhquake itself didn't smash most of the buildings, it was the Tsunami that did the big damage.The recent 'quake in NZ didn't have the Tsunami risk, because that fault line runs right through the middle of the country (basically) and the Japanese fault is offshore, hence the big wave. Even so, I had to reassure my best friend on Friday night that I and my daughter were safe, even here in NZ, because the Tsunami was big enough to trigger major alerts throughout the Pacific region, including Australia and NZ. Luckily enough (for me) I don't live on the 'target' coast. In the event, the wave that did hit here (at about 6.30 am saturday) wasn't big enough to do any damage, I don't think.Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, and if it hadn't been for the Tsunami, they may have got away it – but man, that 10 metre wall of water – the footage of that approaching and coming ashore is just terrifying.And if they're lucky, they will have got the broken nuclear powerplants back under control by now. Let's hope they don't get any more hits. And I join you, Mik, in sending best wishes and hope to all your Japanese friends and readers, and all the Japanese people.If you want to scare yourself shitless, watch this video of the Tsunami coming through a town. Fuck!!

  2. Damn! These people just can't catch a break! On top of everything else a nuclear 'situation'. Or several. Ah, well. Prayers for the living, and the dead. @ Flarin: You're such a tease! I can't see that on my phone. 😦

  3. It shouldn't take them as long as it did after WW II. The technology is already in place. Hopefully, they can get the nukes under control. :worried:

  4. It's so scary when Mother Nature rattles the sabre. I feel sorry for the Japanese people. And this will probably affect the economy of the entire world to. Not to speak about the nuclear problems. It's a scary world.

  5. The day it happened, lots of footage had already been released and we were sitting at work talking about how it looked like special effects from a doomsday movie. Pretty freakin' scary indeed.

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